A-Ads is a CPM base bitcoin Advertising network online since 2011.

What is A-Ads?

A-Ads (Anonymous Ads) ad network is a bitcoin (BTC) online advertising network paying based CPM based. A-ads does not collect any personal data from any users. So it protects their users’ privacy.

A-ads believe there is a growing market for alternative online advertising that is efficient for advertisers while preventing users’ privacy. That is why A-ads ads neither contain scripts nor use cookies and they can be safely embedded anywhere. So advertiser or publisher not wanted to worry about their privacy.

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Not only that A-ads also offers transparent statistics, automated bitcoin transactions, and diverse traffic from thousands of sites and applications. Within a few minutes, you can create a new advertising campaign without registration. No registration required. 
A-ads scalable infrastructure comprises dozens of servers which deliver circa 119 million ad impressions a day to visitors from all over the world.
122 000 000+ impressions/day
237 000+ Clicks/day
$0.12 Average CPM

How to Earn with A-Ads?

A-Ads is not a Pay per click or Pay per impression (CPC/CPM) ad network. A-Ads ad network just allocates advertisers’ money on publishers’ ad units in accordance with Unique Impressions. To earn with a-ads you need to register and place their iframe ad codes in your blog or web.
What are Unique impressions?
The unique impression is an impression generated from an IP address which is Unique in the scope of the whole advertising network during a day (24 hours).
If a blog or website visitor has seen any a-ads banner anywhere in your site today, that visitor won’t generate a unique impression until tomorrow. If there are two or more ad units on the same page, only one of them can receive a unique impression. Only get the one ad that load first. The average ratio of unique or non-unique impressions is about 1:50 currently, but unique or non-unique impressions can vary greatly from site to site. Most impressions are not unique but it is not important since all blog/web publishers are in an equal position.
If your website generates unique impressions daily, then you get a share of expenses of their advertisers for displaying A-ads ads. Otherwise, A-ads display affiliate ads for free and you get paid only when publishers attract new customers to Anonymous Ads or its advertisers.
How do you can earn more with A-ads?
For Earning you have to put your ad unit in a visible place in your blog or web sites. If your ad unit has a reasonable CTR then it is likely to earn more because advertisers’ most prefer to advertise their ads in high CTR sites. Also Moreover, every a-ads ad unit has “Your ad here” ad banner link that may help to increase your income. It will help to attract new affiliate under your ref link.
Every publisher that attracts paying advertisers receives half of the fees collected from them (50%).
You can put many A-ads ads on the same page if you want, but as explained above, it won’t automatically increase your income because of Unique Impressions. However, it will help you to increase your income if you attract paying customers/advertisers to Anonymous Ads.
A-ads.com Bitcoin Affiliate Programs
You can invite advertisers with your referral link and get half of their fees without any expenses.If advertisers sign up under your ref link, within a few minutes he/she can create a new advertising campaign without registration. No registration required.
* When somebody follows your referral link, A-ads use a cookie to track it and Advertiser is considered your referral as long as she/he uses the ad created while the cookie was there.

Also, A-ads advertisers can use CPA/Revenue sharing model to reward their affiliates. They can decide how much they pay and for what.

Unfortunately, A-ads not offering any commission for referring publishers but the publishers can make 50% commission when their referred advertiser spend the money. 

No publishers referring program but they offer Affiliate Programs.
What are the advantages of using A-ADS?
For advertisers
Advertisers don’t need to pay for fake clicks and impressions. They can create their advertising campaign in less than a minute. Without registration.
For publishers
A-ads ads are safe and lightweight, no scripts or use cookies, A-ads offer automatic withdrawals to their Bitcoin address. They accept any website. Also, a-ads protects its users’ privacy.
The publishers must not use
                     More than 3 ad units per page.
                     Send fake traffic using bots.
                     Bots or software to manipulate clicks or impressions.
Ad Formats  
The publishers can allow or disallow ads among the below categories: 
1.                   NSFW (Nudity or other content not suitable for work)
2.                   Gambling (Games of chance, HYIPs, Ponzi schemes)
3.                   Shady (Ads that pass other filters, but might be considered inappropriate by publishers)
4.                   High-risk investments.
The publishers can have access to all standard sizes without customizing

How to join with A-ads?

1.                   Go to A-ads
2.                   Sign up for the new account
3.                   Click on the “Earn tab” in the “top menu”
4.                   Select any ad unit type you desire
5.                   Click “Create ad unit
6.                   Copy that iframe ad code
7.                   Paste it into your blog/web site.

Minimum traffic and other requirements?
A-ads do not require minimum traffic.
It’s no matter what country you are living in; everyone is welcome to use a-ads either their advertising or publishing service
Payment Info
The publishers get paid on a request basis. The minimum payout is 0.001 BTC. The only payment option available is Bitcoin.

Pros and Cons of A-Ads

                         Great anonymity
                         Timely payments
                         Transparent service
                         The publishers can filter undesired ads.
                         Low threshold payout
                         Dedicated support
                         Good alternative ad network
                         No minimum traffic required
                         Easy to use
                         High affiliate commission.
                         Advertisers can employ CAPTCHA for their ads to prevent Fake clicks.
                         They only use Bitcoins. No, any other payment processors.

A-ads is not a scam ad network. it is one of the most well-known, well populated and trusted Bitcoin ad network. A-ads will be the best ad network for you if you are a newbie or still not approving your blog/web site from another ad network. Just try.
OK. then I think you have a good understanding of today article A-Ads Review – CPM based Bitcoin Ad network.

Don’t think, Try it.

A-Ads Payment Proofs

coming soon.
I Hope the above A-Ads Review help you to motorize your blog or web and earn money from your blog/web. And if you have any problem or know more A-ads, Please share with us in the comments section below. Happy earnings!

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