Adding meta description and title with keywords in the blogger blog is another way to boost SEO in your blogger blog.

Blogger was under google since 2004. After the launching of the new blogger blog interface, there were following some additional features included by Blogger Developers. That blogger new interface is fully SEO friendly & robots friendly by including advance options Like that. That helps to summarize blog or post page or blog page for robots that what about this page or post is? That Meta description work for our blog home page as well as we could also easily insert separate tags for blogger each post or each page.

How To Add Meta Description For SEO In Blogger & Blog Posts?  seo lot of tools

How To Add Meta Description For SEO In Blogger & Blog Posts?

What is a Meta Description?

That Meta tags provide the summary of information to web crawlers about your blog posts contents then search engines like google, yahoo can show your blog on the proper place. That Meta tags also show on the search results page below the Post title. Normally, if you want to add meta description to your blog then you have to play with your templates Coding but remember there is a bit easy way to do this task and after it, you can also use different search description to your blog posts as well as pages. That will be discussed below. 

However, we highly recommended adding Meta Description into your blog to get more organic traffic. When you are adding that tags into your blog you must remember that in the description it doesn’t exist 150 characters, because of the maximum number of characters that can be included in the description is maximum 150. So I recommend that to include your main keywords into that Meta tags. Also if possible try to add other keywords too within the limit.

Also, you can use the meta description generator to generating Meta description and use meta tag tester too. Not only that you can also study the meta description example in Google.

A good one may be a sign of a good quality blog page and that can be a good thing in 2018, as Google says,

           “Make sure that every page on your site has a meta description.” -Google


How to add meta description into blogger blog?

Follow the below steps. 

1.   Go to Blogger Blog >> Settings

2.   Then click on Search Preferences

3.   Look for Meta Tags and Tick Yes to Enable It.

4.   Now a box will appear where you have to write your tag or description. However, make sure that it doesn’t exist 150 characters.

  • Add some short and sweet description of your blog.
  • It wanted to describe your whole blog with a few words.
  • Do meta tag optimization
  • Add Keywords

5.   Finally, click Save Changes. 

How to Add Search Description for each blogger posts?

After you enable search description from Search Preferences then you will find an option on the Post Editor to add search description in the posts.

Write the best-matched description it this area and you are ready to attract a lot of organic traffic from search engines.

However, without that meta tags also you can optimize your blog pages by High click-through rates. But in 2018 Google tells that to use Meta description on pages rather than leave it out. So its better if you can add some meta tags for your blog post.

So when your using meta tags that tags should be accurate, relevant and descriptive. 
Now your blog is ready to get more organic traffic.

I hope the above tip helps you to add Meta Description for boos SEO in Blogger & each Blog Posts. And if you have any problem or know more on How to add meta description for SEO in Blogger, Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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