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Be careful with this site. My site indicate unsecure web as my blog site after few times when adding this ad code. Then i remove those ads from my site. Then problem solved.

Ads54 is a Premium Banner and direct ad sharing CPC/PPC Ad Network. With our Ads54 review, you can know more about Ads54. It provides the opportunity to advertise your Business or web sites and to monetize your web sites or to share their links on social media platforms. This can be one of the best online earning sources for everyone. Online since 2019.

Ads54 Review with Payment Proofs – Advertising Network

Ads54 review. What is

Ads54 is a platform that provides the opportunity for advertisers, promoters, and publishers to advertise their Business or web sites. Also, it provides the opportunity to monetize your blog or web sites or to share their links on social media platforms. Ads54 allows you to earn money online as a publisher and promoter per every click in every second. Ads54 is one of the best CPC/PPC ad network. It pays a higher CPC/PPC rate across the world.
34000+ Promoters
12000+ publishers
11560+ Average monthly payments
34+ social media covers

Is ads54 Paying?

Yes, ads54 is paying. As soon, as you reach, 3$ you can withdraw your money. Keep reading ads54 review about ads54. In this ads54 review with payment, proofs include how to earn? and how to advertise with ads54. Not only those, It include proof of payment of my first payment.

How to Join with

You can sign up as a publisher if you already have a web/blog site. Not only as an advertiser also you can sign up as a promoter if you do not have a web/blog site.
As a publisher, you can copy-paste your banner ad codes in your blog/web site. As a promoter, you can copy-paste your ad links and promote it on your social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc. Also, you can also be both a promoter and publisher at the same time and earn the same amount.
Ads54 can be the best alternative to the AdSense ad network. Also, its similar webs are Adcalm and A-ads.

How much you can earn with Ads54? What are the CPC/PPC rates of Ads54 ad network?

Ads54 pays fixed CPC/PPC rate across the world. 0.03$ per ad click and 0.0334 per referral earnings.
However, your earning will depend on your hard work. That is only required to do is just to keep a copy the embed ad links from your Ads54 dashboard and paste and share on your sites or Social media. You are able to earn when someone clicks on your “shared embed links”. You will earn 0.030$ per click when visitors click on your shared ads.

Not only earn money. You need to invest your money to boost your income such as investing methods of the stock market, start a business and become your own boss, and start a blog site.

However, there are few things to think before investing your money too. Be Smart investor like warrent buffett.
Ane see how to make money blogging and secrets for make money online Advertising Network Details -Ads54 Review with Payment Proofs

Network type Banner ads, direct links,
Revenue model CPC
Support platforms Websites, Mobiles, Social media promote
Minimum payment 3$
Ad format Banner ads, Direct Ads
Payout rate 0.030$ per click, (fix rate)
Payment Frequency     Daily( After request)
Payment methods PayPal, Wire transfer
Referral Rate0.033$
Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Contact Telephone: +234 708 260 8346

 Email: [email protected]

Specific nichesNo. ideal for all
Minimum traffic No
Approve process Not require

How to earn with

This is the best sources for webmasters as well as others to make money online.
1.If you have a website or blog site, sign up with as a publisher if you haven’t a web/blog site sign up as promoter. It is totally free to join.
  1. Complete your profile by entering the required information. If you sign up as a publisher you can add your blog/web URL in there. If you sign up as a promoter you do not need to complete that URL raw.
  2. Then you will receive ad links codes, you can embed the link in your blog/web sites or you can choose to copy and be pasting those ad codes and promote it on your social media platforms.
    – If you sign up as a publisher, then click on Get Code function and copy your banner ad codes and paste in your blog/web site. only publishers will be able to receive an embedded code to add to your web/blog site.
    – If you sign up as a promoter, then you can copy-pasting ad links and promote it on your social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc.
    – You can also be both a promoter and publisher at the same time and earn the same amount. Anyone can share ads on social media. It will credit at the end of the month.
  3. The more you share, the more money you can earn. You can earn 0.03$ per click. Your earning will show in your stat dashboard.
  4. You can withdraw your money for your account monthly basis.
You can earn 0.030$ per click when visitors click on your shared ads. Also, you can earn 0.033$ from earnings of people that you referred to Ads54.

Ad Formats

  • Direct Ads
  • Banner ads (350*300, 380*344)

*Ads54 is paid based on the Unique impressions, Unique visitors.
The Unique impression is an impression generated from an IP address which is Unique in the scope of the whole advertising network during a day (24 hours). So if the same person clicks to visit the same advertisers banner again whether that same day or any other day, it is counted as one. It is not recognized as a unique visitor anymore.

How to Advertise with Ads54?

As well as join as the publisher or promoter you can join with Ads54 as an advertiser to promote your site or business.
Advertisers must have web/blog sites to promote ads. If you haven’t a web site ads54 permitted to create a free website. Also, you must have a banner or image representing your web/blog site or business of 300*250 sizes. Maybe it could be your logo.
The minimum is 100 unique clicks for 5.3$ and does not have a maximum.
If you complete the above requirements then, sign up with Ads54, then select “I want to promote my website address” option. If you are doing network marketing or more traffics Ads54 can be the best solution for you.

Pros and Cons of

  • Anyone can sign up with Ads54 If you have web/blog site, you can sign up as a publisher and if you haven’t a web/blog site you can sign up as a promoter
  • Everyone can earn with Ads54 by shared ads54 embed ad links
  • Ads54 has a referral program and pay 0.033$ from earnings of the people that you referred to Ads54.
  • Earn per click is high. 0.030$ per click
  • Tier 3 people can earn a high amount per click
  • The Minimum withdrawal amount is 3$
  • Easy to view the click stats of your shared ads and easy to view where the visitors are coming from.
  • The Advertiser can get the best benefits and more traffic to their business, web/blog sites.
  • Advertisers can get huge traffic from social media
  • User-friendly platform
  • Pay per click is based on Unique impressions, Unique visitors.
  • 2-factor verification methods

  • Low reputation
  • Earning per click is a fixed rate for all geographical locations.
  • Pay per click based on
  • This web site set up involves and operating from countries known as high risk
  • No valid SSL Cert has been found
  • No much reviews about
  • Not enough payment proofs to said Ads54 is legit or scam.
  • Ad traffic can be illegal because everyone was able to share links.
  • Advertisers can promote their business or web/blog links for law advertising cost
  • Paid per click based on the unique visitor
  • Ads54 has a referral program. You can earn 0.033$from earnings of the people that you referred to Ads54. You will earn from referral bonus only when your referrals start sharing and earning

Minimum traffic and other requirements

Ads54 does not require minimum traffic.

Payment details of Ads54

You can withdraw your earning when your Ads54 account balance is equal or more than 3$.
Payment processors – PayPal, Bank transfer

Payment Proofs of – 2019

Ads54 1st Payment proof

Ads54 cpc/ppc ad network payment proof paypal receipt
Ads54 payment proof

I recommended Ads54 for you because you can make money by not only monetizing your site, you can make money by shared embed ad links too. Also, you can earn a fixed amount per click. Not only that as an advertiser you can get traffic for unique based only. It will save you money too.

Join with Ads54

I Hope the above Ads54 Review with Payment Proofs help you to Promote your web sites or business and make money online by monetizing your blog/web site and promote ad links. And if you have any problem or know more on ads54, please share your ads54 review with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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