Are you looking for How to choose a domain name for your WordPress/Blogger site?

No matter how big or small, you need a good domain name for your site.

It’s a gateway to the online world.

Still trouble with How to choose the perfect domain for your site? let discuss,

How To Choose A Domain Name ? (11 Tips)

How To Choose A Domain Name? (11 Tips)

How To Choose a Perfect Domain Name?

Looking for buying a top-level domain for your newly created/hosting web or blog site or interested to buy a customized domain behalf of your subdomain in blogger.

Also, you are looking for how to choose a perfect domain and how to purchase it, and How to choose the best domain register you buy it?

My Most recommended best domain register is Namecheap.

Most of the people became confused when choosing a domain name for their blog or web.

yes, that process can be quite complex. But you do not need to so serious, you can get a better idea about how to choose a perfect domain for your blog/web site after reading this post.

There are a lot of web sites that provide domain registration and hosting facilities including commercial as well as without any charges. We can buy a domain from them, but the most difficult thing is choosing the best domain and choosing the best domain register.

What is the domain name?

Domain names serve to identify Internet resources, such as computers, networks, and services, with a text-based label that is easier to memorize than the numerical addresses used in the Internet protocols. A domain may represent entire collections of such resources or individual instances. Individual Internet host computers use domain names as host identifiers, also called hostnames.


Domain names are also used as simple identification labels to indicate ownership or control of resources. Also, it used to establish a unique identity for your web/blog or company.

Organizations or persons can choose a domain name that corresponds to their name, helping Internet users to reach them easily.

Before the advent of today’s commercial internet, in the ARPANET era, each computer on the network retrieved the hosts file (host.txt) from a computer at SRI which mapped computer host names to numerical addresses.

At previous days, they used a host’s numerical address on a computer network behalf of the domain.

With the rapid growth of the internet, it made impossible to maintain a centrally organized hostname numerical addresses. That became more complicated. In 1983, on behalf of that numerical address, the Domain Name System (DNS) was introduced.

Today, the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which is a non-profit organization who has been delegated the responsibility to manage the DNS System has managed top-level development and architecture of the Internet domain names. ICANN authorizes domain registrars, through which domain may be registered and reassigned.

Most of the bloggers buy a domain quickly without thinking more. But you should keep in mind that, if your Domain isn’t good, you will get negative feedback, also you will change your mind after a while. Also, you should keep that in your mind, your blogger’s or web site’s address will be online business card and identity for you, as long as you work on it. So try to choose a perfect domain.

If you have an easy and simple domain, It will help you to be a popular and successful blogger. Not all that also I suggest you stick to go on with a .com domain. Also you can buy a .net, .org, .info, .us. But .com is the best.

How to choose the best domain name for your Web or Blog site?

Before you go to buy a domain that domain should be in order to come up with some qualities such as below,

What should you consider when choosing a domain name?

1.Short and sweet

If the domain name is too long and complex, you risk readers or customers mistyping or misspelling it. If you have fewer characters a website domain has, the easier it is to type, say, share and the less it gets shortened on social media sharing platform and that is also friendly for search result and SEO.

So, short and sweet is the best way to go.

2. Make it brandable

Creative and brandable are always better than going generic. Your domain name is how your visitors will find, remember, share your web or blogger and how readers know you So it’s like a foundation of your web or blogger.

So your domain should be a unique, memorable and stands out from your competitors, also it should have a good sound.

3. Easy to type and pronounce

That domain should be simple and easy to spell like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.

Your readers should be able to type your domain without a problem.

Also, it should be easy to pronounce. If visitors can pronounce without any difficulties they will easier to share your domain by word of mouth, then easily they can share your site among their friends and other readers.

 4. Use keyword

Try to use some keywords that describe your content, business and the services you offer. It helps to improve your rank on search engine and just make more sense to your readers.

But don’t go over the top with the domain. for that, you can use a domain name generator tools.

5. Avoid number and hyphens

That numbers and hyphens can be made misunderstood the people who hear your web site address. Also, it can be difficult to friendly with search engines.

Numbers and hyphens can be made difficult to remember and familiar with index robots.

But numbers and hyphens ok with using your blog title and write blog content.


There are more than 1500,000,000 domains, so try to create a memorable domain.

After you decide a best domain you can get the help of your family members, friends and your staff to review about your domain. Ask them if they can easy to remember those names.

7.Research it

After you decide a domain make sure the name that you decided isn’t trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company.

If another one is already using that name it can be a huge legal mess & could cost, you a fortune.

So after you create a domain do domain search in google and check domain availability. For that, you can use domain name checker tool.

8. Use an appropriate domain extension.

Domain extensions are .com, .net, .org, .info, .co, biz, .me. That also called TLD (top-level domain) which is the part that comes after your domain name and before your subpages.

    .com: an abbreviation for company, commerce or community.

    .info : informational sites.

    .net : technical, Internet infrastructure sites.

    .org : non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.

    .biz: business or commercial use

    .me: resumes or personal sites.

Also, there are a lot of new domain extensions and most of the domain registrars offer a low price offers for that.

If you are targeting the global market, then try to go with .com extensions. Most successful sites using that .com extension.

But if you are using target market or country then choose a TLD for that country you are targeting like .us, In, co.UK,

9. be Unique

Make sure no one using your domain. Also, try to buy many other domain extensions like .net, .org. with your domain. Then you can stop other people getting your name with another domain extension.

That domain should completely unique.

10. Short term or long term

You should think about how many long terms are you going to work with your domain.

Is it long term or short term? If you are going to short-term (one year) then you can buy a domain for low prices because many domain registrars offering very low prices for the first year.

But if you are going to log-term you must more consider about your domain. Because you have done a lot of cost for your web site like web design, daily updates in the content or blog posts, money, time SEO. If your domain will fail to succeed, then you have to losses. It can be a waste of your all investments.

11. Get support from the domain name generators

Still, Don’t know which domain to choose? By using the Domain Name Generator tools you can choose a perfect domain for your site. However, you should be careful here.

Most Domain Name Generator tools have the already registered domains. Those are for reselling purpose so this can be costly for you. Also, as soon as you find a perfect domain you should need to buy it as soon as possible.

If not those tools or domain agents will be purchase those domains before you buy it.

What should need more to consider When Choosing a Domain?

Buying a domain is easy, but choosing a domain can be the most difficult thing. Because the best possible domains are already taken. That is the most probably happening.

When you are going to search your dreamy name, maybe it owned by another person. Yes, that can be happening. Because there are currently more than 150,000,000 active domains.

If already your dreamy domain is owned by another person or company. Then Don’t worry, forget it, try to similar words and be more creative. However, don’t overthink about your domain name.


If you become a success full to choose the best name, you will win the internet and there are a lot of chances to earn more money from your web or blog site. Also after getting a high rank in the search engines, your domain will become a valuable one. Then you can sell your domain for high value.

I hope the above 10 tips help you to solve the problem of How To Choose A Domain Name for your blogger or web site. And if you have any problem or know more on How To Choose A Domain Name? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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