Are you looking for How to Build a Profitable blog site?

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There are a lot of tutorials and guides about how to make money from blogging Or ways to make money blogging. But here is a different one about how to start a profitable blog or how to makes your started blog more profitable.

Most of the people succeed in making money blogging even some people fail to make money blogging.

If you are looking to build a profitable blog site or looking for how to make a profit from your existing blog, then the below guidelines will help you.

If you here to build with nothing that will be great because if you are starting from no traffics or no money-making and no influential, at the end of the reading, you can convert your blog to traffics and money-making machine with the ability to be influential.

Then let see how to start a profitable blog and make a profit from your blog site?  

How to build a profitable blog site? – Step by Step Guide

Below step by step guide will help blogger or online entrepreneurs to build a profitable blog site or existing bloggers to make their blog sites to converts a money-making machine while you sleeping and achieve the high profitability.

10 Proven Strategies to Build A profitable Blog Site or Online Business

1. Pick the profitable niche market for blogging

There are thousands of niche markets.

If you are looking to build a blog to make income or make a profitable income from your started blog site, you should not pick a niche that is difficult to monetize or there are no people to expend money on your topic.

Also, sometimes you cannot make money blogging by work hard if you picked the wrong niche for blogging.

So to build a profitable blog or online business, you need to pick the right and profitable niche market for achieving the six-figure income from your blog, it requires the below factors to fulfill. 

How to pick the right niche market to build a profitable blog?

  • Do niche market research to pick the profitable niche for your blog site
  • Choose what you know and what you interested and profitable niche
  • You need to enjoy creating content around your niche topics
  • These should be enough demand and marketplace in the picked niche market
  • There should be many paths to monetization with profitability and people(advertisers) to expend some money on our topics
  • Follow niche marketing strategies
  • Use Keyword research tools and google trends to identify most trending and popular niches and keywords

 Also, you need to give serious thought to picking the right niche market for your blog and It required a lot of effort to create quality content and improve your blog site.

For more details, read How to pick the profitable niche market? And Niche ideas for blogging and online business.

2. Start a blog site and Choose a perfect theme

If you are planning to make money blogging definitely you should start your own blog site.

You can start a blog site according to your picked niche market.

Choose a name and register your domain

First of all, you need to choose a catchy name and domain for your blog site.

Your whole blog site image and brand is depending on your chosen name. So take your time and choose a short and sweet name for your site and register your domain name.

If you haven’t any idea about naming your business, you can get support from Name generator tools.

Choose a blogging platform

Secondly, you have to choose the right blogging platform for your blog site. There are a lot of blogging platforms such as bloggers, WordPress(,, Wix and etc.

Those are different from each other from different features. If you are looking for the star a blog site free, then blogger is good for you. It provides a free subdomain and hosting for free.

If you can spend a few dollars on blogging. You can choose They provide free subdomain and hosting for regular prices. is free software provided from WordPress but you have to purchase hosting services from hosting providers.

My best recommendation is because you can control your blog as you need and there are thousands of plugins to improve your blog site.

Purchase hosting service

Then, you need to purchase a quality and speed hosting service for hosting your site (if you choose platform).

You need to choose the speed and customer support and profitable hosting service provider.

Best recommend for register your domain and purchase hosting service – Namecheap

Install WordPress

After you choose the perfect hosting provider for hosting your site register on-site and log in to your hosting account >> click on WordPress >> enter blog details and domain name >> click Install >> click add template later >> Check your email for login link for your blog site >> log in to your WordPress blog account and change password.

Choose the right theme

Finally, in your WordPress blog account, click on Appearance >> Themes >> add Theme and choose a perfect theme for your blog site >> Install >> activate.

You can customize your site by adding plugins for your site.

When choosing the theme for your blog site, choose a responsive, SEO Optimized, Ad friendly, Highly customizable and clear theme.

It will help to boost your money-making and help to build a profitable Blog/Online Business. If you can purchase premium themes, it will be a huge differentiator to make money blogging

Also, don’t forget to add a catchy logo and slogan for your blog site. To design a logo you can get support from Photoshop and Canva or get support from the logo creator site or hire a freelance logo designer. 

Useful resources for start blog site;

Naming your business

How to choose a domain name for your blog site

How to choose the right domain register

How to set the custom domain to blogger blog with Namecheap

How to start a blog site

3. Create quality content

Have you ever heard that “Content is king”? and that is the truth. A blog is not a blog without content.

 Also, your content should be Well-optimized, enough, useful, valuable and friendly for SEO. Every blogger highly thinking about “What will I write today?” if you fail to write the right content then, you will be giving up you’re making money blogging dreams after the few months.

Below are a few reasons why most bloggers fail it makes their blog profitability.

Why do most bloggers fail to build a profitable blog?

  • People don’t want to read your content
  • You are being not using e proven framework
  • Post contents do not match with the Post title
  • Not SEO friendly and optimized
  • Not promote your posts on social media to bring enough traffic
  • Do not add copy content from other bloggers

So the truth is having good ideas and words is not enough, you have to create the best and well-optimized content with powerful headlines which lots of people are interested in reading and learning more about and there should be advertisers to spend money on your content.

Those will help you to makes your blog profitable.

The below topics will help you to create great content to build a profitable blog.

How to create quality content?

  • Find what content is popular in your picked niche, and write exclusively about topics
  • Write answers for questions that people are looking for
  • Write in well-formatted
  • Add relevant images
  • Add funny and entertain factors to prevent boring the reading of your posts
  • Your content should deliver more value to your readers than your competitors published works.
  • Improve your grammar and writing skill
  • Write keywords rich and unique articles
  • Add useful internal and external links
  • Apply content managing strategies
  • Publish your post in a regular schedule
  • Focus on relevant and valuable content
  • Write it with curious
  • Use content marketing strategies and tools

4. Drive Traffic to your blog

Every blogger has difficult to bring quality traffic for their blog sites as a beginner. But how much you get traffic, how much you earn.

If you receive the huge traffic, most of the advertisers and sponsors will connect with you to advertise on your site because of your huge audience.

No matter how great content you have, unless you promote your content or posts no one is going to know about it.

So by promoting your content, you can get traffic for your site. SEO will take a few times to rank your site in search engines such as Google.  

Most blogging beginners being confused and give up their try because of failing to drive quality traffic for their sites. But do not worry. There are a lot of successful methods to drive traffic for your site.

Successful methods to drive more blog traffic

  • Write unique content
  • Optimize your keywords
  • Improve your site SEO
  • Grow your Facebook page and other social media profiles
  • Leave comments on other blogs in your niche market
  • Answer questions and write a post in Quora, Reddit
  • Create and being active in Facebook groups
  • Start YouTube channel and create a video related to your content
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Advertise on ad networks and social media
  • Submits your site to different search engines
  • Join and post in forums
  • Study about your competitors and their traffic sources
  • Get support from your family and friends to share your content in social media
  • Promote your content via Podcasts
  • Focus on increasing your social shares
  • Write guest posts

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and be active in Facebook (*if you spamming on Facebook, your site URLs will be Block forever. So be careful) can be successful methods to bring traffic for your site.

However, killer content and an active community or huge active audience will help you to drive huge traffic.

Quality traffic will help you to sell products, earn affiliate commissions and attract advertisers.

5. Build up your audience and Branding

You need to build up your audience. There are a few methods to build up your audience.

Branding will help you to get attention from the audience and hold them with you.

If you build a sufficient audience, you can boost your make money blogging and makes your bog profitability.

How to build up your audience?

  • Grow Email List
  • Create Facebook Pages and Groups
  • Create profiles in different social media
  • Add subscribe box to your blog to receive latest newsletters for your readers
  • DO advertising and Sponsors
  • Reply to their comments

Once you have built up your audience, it is essential to retain your audience with your blog as you continue to build your brand.

If you have a huge and smart audience and great content, your audience will help you to spread your post with the world. It will help you to continue driving traffic for your blog and boost makes your blog profitable.

Social media play a vital role in build-up audience and drive traffic. So regularly share your post on social media.

However, you should need to make sure Your buildup audience is remaining and engaging with your blog posts and content.

The best keys to build and retain your audience are adding value for your content, build foster relationships and not engaging in spammy practices.

6.Build your own email list from the start

The email list can be the best asset for every blogger and online business.

Most bloggers not interested to build up an email list because of a lack of knowledge of the advantages of the email list. Most of the successful blogger’s major earnings come from leveraging the power of the email list.

So it is better to start to build up and integrate an email list from the beginning of their blogging.

Make sure to add value to the readers by sending them useful and valuable newsletters often. However, do not send many newsletters for your subscribers because at the end up unsubscribing from your email lists.

How to build an email list?

Below are a few effective tips to boost your email lists.

  • Offer your visitors with a freebie such as eBooks, Video, PDF, infographics, etc. With that, you can attract a lot of people to your email list
  • Use content upgrades to attract the right people to your email list
  • Use landing pages to attract more visitors
  • Showcase testimonials as social proof can instantly build credibility

The email list will help you to create a community of followers, sell products and services and promote your latest blog posts

7. Start monetizing your blog

Now you started a blog with a profitable niche and you have quality traffic and build up the audience. Now, what is next?

Start monetizing your blog site to make money from blogging. There are a lot of methods to make money blogging.

Most of the beginners start to make money by selling eBooks, online courses, and communities from their beginning. But that is a huge mistake that they made.

Because before start selling you need to do researches and identify what are the things which people want to buy? This identification process can take a few times.

If you involve selling at your beginning, you are risking your blogging and make money online journey.

Including selling, there are a lot of methods to make money blogging as below. If you need well to describe ways to make money blogging,

Please read How to make money from blogging? (20 methods to make money blogging)

Ways to make money blogging

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate programs
  3. Sponsors
  4. Physical product selling
  5. eBooks and eCources selling
  6. Online shop

When choosing the money-making methods it should be careful to choose the right and profitable methods to make money blogging.

8.Launch your own products/service

If you have received quality traffic and start making money blogging as the above step (7), You can focus on way to make passive income from your blog that makes your blog profitability.

You can promote your own product and make money blogging from that product. It can be a physical or digital product such as eBooks, eCourses, apps, plugins, and online shop.

Most bloggers do not focus on that method, also most beginners try to those methods with the beginning of their blogging journey and 99% beginners fail in that money-making method and give up blogging.

So first, you need to build up your audience and drive quality traffic for your site.

Then you need to launch and start promoting your own products. But before launch your product you need to keep the following things in your mind.

  • Do perfect market research about your product idea
  • Make sure it helps people to solve their problems
  • Build a huge audience and list of email subscribers who are interested in your products and who are ready to buy stuff from you
  • Get help and learn from people who are already a success in making money blogging
  • Promote affiliate programs
  • Give commission to the people who are promoting your products for every successful sale
  • Offer discounts

Also, you can launch your own services such as freelance writing, designing, web development, SEO improve, review posts and etc.

Those will help you to make money blogging. That will bring you high profitability for you. You can promote your products/services from your blog site and email list.

09.Focus on Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is the most profitable and popular method to make money blogging and achieve a high profit from your blog or online business.

More than the AdSense or Ad networks income most of the bloggers make money blogging by affiliate marketing.

If you have quality traffic with quality content, you can make your blog more profitable place with affiliate marketing.

Only you have to promote advertisers’ products in your blog site as banner, link or reviews and help them to sell their products. For a completed sale via your affiliate link, advertisers will pay commission for you.

Some popular affiliate programs – Amazon affiliate, eBay, ShareASale

10. Extra Tips to make your blog profitable

  1. Involve as many different income streams as you can manage effectively. Diversification of your income minimize the risk of your blog profitability
  2. Write excellent posts. That will be your key to long-term success
  3. Do not copy other bloggers. Ne unique in your content and brand
  4. Enjoy what you are writing, doing and blogging
  5. Do not expect easy and quick methods to make money blogging
  6. Be unique and stands out from the crowd
  7. Invest in high-quality designs
  8. Learn the secret to making money online
  9. Monetize early with affiliate marketing
  10. Optimize your blog for user intent
  11. Spend your time to build relationships too
  12. Do not afraid of experiments
  13. Dedicate a lot of time to learning and implementing your content and blog

How To Build a Profitable Blog?

To Build a profitable blog, You need to fulfill some requirements before and after you start the blog such as, picked the right niche, choose the right name, domain, logo, and theme., optimize blog content, SEO improvements, Build an Email list, monetization and many more.

How much can you make money blogging?

The answer is it depends. Some people are successful in money make blogging while most people fail in making money blogging. Your earnings depend on you and your blog site. there are a lot of successful stories of many bloggers who make money blogging. But those successes are not achieving from Quick and easy methods. You need to work hard and do a lot of effort into blogging.

Is starting a blog profitable?

Yes. You can achieve six-figure income with a huge profit from starting a blog. Only you have to spend a little money to register your domain and get hosting service. There can be more expenses. But if you are writing what people are looking for and quality traffic with a high rank in search engines, you can achieve the six-figure of income and make money while you sleeping.

What makes the blog site profitable?

There are a lot of factors to make your blog site profitable. It depends on your picked niche market, content, SEO, Quality traffic and your audience.

I hope the above step by step guide for how to build a profitable blog will help build a profitable blog site and you to be a success in your blogging and online Business journeys. And if you know more about how to build a profitable blog or have any suggestions please share with us in the comments section below. 

Keshan Lge provides guides and Tips to Entrepreneurs for enhancing and simplifying their Online/Offline Business, Blogging, and SEO for business and being your own boss at your own business. was founded in Feb. 2018 by Keshan Liyanagama. I believe that knowledge should be free. So please, gain more knowledge through Bebizboss.


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