So, Are you looking for Common Content Writing Mistakes? and How to prevent those mistakes?

Then, you are in the right place.

Writing blog content can be challenging and not an easy thing for every blogger and content writer.

Most of the beginners have struggled with writing blog content with the beginning of their blog journey.

Also, they make mistakes in writing blog content in their beginning.

Those mistakes are happening from every content writer. But you need to minimize your mistakes.

Content writing mistakes can make damages your content credibility and trust among your blog content.

Most of the beginners may optimize their content only for search engines, but that content can be failing to convert your readers.

These content writing mistakes can cost you in the future.

When you make a mistake once, the below guidelines will help you to do not make those mistakes again.

Most of the content writers (beginners) have done a lot of dumb things as a beginner of content writers. But do not worry, Mistakes are the best teacher to learn.

Why do you need to prevent these content writing mistakes?

To establish a strong brand as a leader of your industry, you need to be a great source of information and provide the right solutions for the question that people are looking for? Only that is not enough your content should be error-free. This will help you to build trust in your content for your readers.

Any mistake on your blog content can be impacting the numbers of people who visit your site, repeat visitors to your site, conversions and engagements.

Your visitors may not quick to bounce away if you have great content.

The below guide will help you to get an idea about what are the mistakes of writing content and learn how to avoid them. That can help you to drive traffic and increase your blog revenue.

18 Common mistakes of content writing and How to prevent these mistakes?

If you are a blogger who writes for your own business or, if you are a freelancer content writer, there are few mistakes 0f content writing that you need to avoid when writing blog content.

01. Not doing researches

You may have brilliant skills for writing but for blog content writing that is not enough, You need to do researches about your subject and what are you going to write.

But most content writers not doing any researches before they start writing content. They think it can be unnecessary thing or hard work and take time.

Researches help you to get an idea about who is your audience? What are they looking for? Who is your competitors and their content? and data that statistics, evident.

That can help you to write a very informative, relevant content which helps you to increase the credibility and build readers’ trust. Also, you can provide exactly the right answers for your target audience that they are looking for?

For that, you can get data from how to pick the niche market for blogging and online business.

02. Failing format or outline

The process of outlining is creating a structure for writing your content. Most of the blogger and content writers do not follow a format or outline when they writing blog content. If you are using only text in your content it can be hard to read. Because of that people will leave your site immediately.

To prevent that mistake you can use simple format/outline and do some changes to your content such as use introduction, body, conclusion bullet points, sub-headlines, numbers, odds and increasing white space.

It will help you to grab attention from readers easily and retain them with your blog for a long time.

For more details, please read how to write blog post that drives traffic and share?

03. Aiming your content for everyone

Most of the bloggers, content writers believe that their content and products can benefit everyone. So they write their content for aiming everyone. Also. They believe, by aiming everyone they can get huge traffic more than aiming one niche or target market.

That is one of the huge content writing mistakes doing by beginners. When blogging it is very important to pick a regular niche market for addressing. By aiming at a specific target audience, you can get a lot of advantages more than aiming at everyone.

When content writing target ideal customers in the specific niche market alone, you can easily address specific needs, wants issues and answers that help to satisfy your readers’ expectations. It will help

 you to drive traffic, shares and high search results.

If you aiming everyone, it will be unable to satisfy your readers’ expectations. But if you aiming a target audience it will be easy to satisfy them because every customer in the niche is with the same needs, wants and issues.

04. Keyword Stuffing

If you need to optimize your content for a high rank in search engine results, it is essential to optimize your blog content by business keywords. Keywords are the words that people searching for the internet.

By optimizing keywords in your content, you will able to rank higher in the search results and easily reach the widest possible audience.

However, most of the beginners of content writing and blogging, stuffing and use the overload of keywords to their content. By doing this, they think they will able to rank higher with a lot of keywords and it helps you to increase the traffics. But that is wrong.

That keywords stuffing makes your content jarring and difficult to read. It will cause you to go away readers from your site without converting.

 Also, search engines such as Google considering keyword stuffing is a black hat technique and may penalize your entire blog site because of low-quality content.

So always use one focus keyword and few supporting keywords. Keep your keyword destiny according to your SEO plugin required. (There is no regular rate for keywords destiny. There are a lot of opinions about keyword destiny such as between 0.2 – 2%)

05. Rehashing old ideas

Always you need to write the thing that values your readers. Even if you are struggling to find inspirations and new ideas, it is important to avoid returning to your previous ideas.

The reason for that, every part of your blog content offers something that unique and unable to find elsewhere. But you can provide new solutions to old problems using your old ideas or posts that interesting and useful.

06. Not consider about audience

Most of the bloggers and content writers writing blog content without considering about their target audience such as, using a lot of jargons that unnecessary and unable to understand, write long, complex sentences and paragraphs that boring and no one has time to read, and not answering for what are the questions that target audience is looking for answers.

Because of not considering your audience and writing content as above, people will read and thought, seriously, are you joking? Is this just for me? And they will leave your site and never return back.

So it is better to get an idea about what is your audience and what are they looking for an answer to their questions? You need to give them what they need in the content with value and meaning. Provide relevant information to your audience.

07. Overuse of various front styles

Your blog site and its content should be a work of art but it shouldn’t be overly stylized such as using front that hard for reading, excessive use of Bold and italics highlighted or background color that hard to read, Write only CAPS letters, and use tiny letters.

 That will be hard to read for readers and they will leave your site even your content is 100% great.

So careful when using front styles for your content and reevaluate your existing front style.

08. Making your content unnecessarily lengthy

A lengthy article is not bad but the Overload of your content is not good for you.

If your content is not interesting, not relevant and not valuable, your readers will nor read your long content. They don’t like to waste their time.

Try to make too many points in each paragraph on behalf of writing a lot of sentences.

Your sentences should have a clear beginning, middle and endpoints. Also, your paragraphs should only be 1-3 sentences long.

Also, make sure to do not to write unclear, irrelevant and too long things. Always find a way to how can I convey the same message in fewer words without damaging its meaning.

To keep your sentences simple and improve the readability you can use Hemingway Editor.

09. Assuming readers’ knowledge

It is not a matter of how much you passionate about your picked topics, but you always need to remember who you are writing for?

The readers must have value and helpful in solving their problems from your blog content. Otherwise they, not interest and engaging with unnecessary content.

10. Not given priority for post headlines

Most of the beginners of blogging and content writing, do not give the priority for their post headlines. They only think about how to optimize their blog content.

But headlines are extremely important. More than 80% of the readers decide whether they read the blog post or not upon your post headlines.

So it is important to writing powerful and catchy headlines to grab attention from your visitors.

Read more, How to write a powerful post headline?

11. Use week post introduction

Most of the content writers and bloggers not giving any importance to post introduction. That is another big mistake done by bloggers when writing blog content.

When people enter your site after a click on your post headline, blog introduction is the very first thing that appears to your readers.

So they read your introduction and decide whether they read the rest of your blog post or not? If you have a strong and catchy blog introduction thy will scroll down to read the rest of your content and they will visit your other post too.

So, using a week pot introduction can be harmful to your blog site. So start to write a strong blog introduction and start editing your existing blog post introduction.

Read more, How to write a Post introduction?

12. Failure to validate facts, statistics, and figures

Most bloggers do not provide the facts, statistics, and figures or failure to validate the facts, statistics, and figures which they provide. That can diminish the value and relevance, and harmful for the credibility of your content and breakdown the readers’ trust about your site.

So you need to use the latest data for your content. Always try to include the year and sources of data. Also, you need to hyperlink your data with original data resources. That will increase the credibility of your content.

13. Poor Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is necessary to rank your blog content on the first page in the search engine result pages. All of the bloggers need to show up their content on the first page of a Google search.

Most of the beginner fails to SEO optimize their content and, some bloggers do over-optimizing their blog content.

SEO is difficult to explain. There are more than 2000 factors to decide the rank of your site. But it is highly necessary to add the relevant keywords that people searching, to be better ranking.

Add your focus keyword to post headline and build support headlines. Also, you need to add supportive keywords to your content.

14. Failing to proofread and edit your work

No proofreading and editing can be a deathly mistake for bloggers and content writers. Most of the beginners do not love to edit their content after they write it. They feel it is boring to spend another few minutes on behalf of the post.

They only need to publish that article as soon as it was written. But they didn’t know what are the results of that mistake?

If your content has errors, grammar mistakes, and other mistakes, your content becomes less credible and breaks dawn your readers’ trust about your content. Then they will go away from your site and you loss converts. Also, search engines will discourage ranking of your content.

It will take some time to write great content. So it is better to let some time to pass after you have written the first draft. Take a fresh break. Then go back to your article again and start checking errors, mistakes, and grammar mistakes. You need to read your article with a new sense of curiosity, perspective and insight.

Read your content from start to endpoint. Then do edits to make sure to errors free on your content.

After finishing the edit, you can read your article again and make tiny changes to grammar and spelling. You can do proofreading more than one time to make sure ‘your article is the errors and mistakes free, great article.”

Your few minutes’ dedication to editing and proofreading will help you to increase the credibility of your content and build readers’ trust in your content.

To identify grammar errors, you can get support from

15. Only text, no visuals

Most of the bloggers publish the only block of text content. They not giving any importance to develop visual elements of your content to grab attention from readers and let them read without boring.

By adding visual elements such as images, illustrations, videos, and charts, you can make your content more visibility for readers and support your objective of content. It will help you to grab attention from readers for the long-term.

16. Use copyrighted images and copy-paste content

Most blogging beginners add images that copyrighted or from google searches. Also, most content writers use copy paste content to write their articles. Both of these mistakes will harmful to your site ranking. Maybe it possible to paralyze your site from search engines.

If you need images, you can design on your own using Photoshop or online image editing sites or you can hire a designer.

Otherwise, you can use free and paid image sites. If you need original and unique images and you can pay a few dollars for images you can try Or you need copyright-free images for free, you can try,

Also, do not use copy-paste content for your article, you can gather information by researches and develop it to write an article. If it isn’t you can get help from freelancer content writers.

17. Writing in the first person

Another blog writing mistake is writing in the first person and being impersonal. On behalf of the Second person language (You), most beginners use First-person (I) language for writing their blog posts.

This can be a kiss of death for your blog site when it comes to writing successful blog content.

However, you can use this first-person language for telling and writing your experiences, successes, personal stories and mistakes that related to the subject of your content. But do not write first person language too much.

By using a little bit of first-person language and a lot of second-person languages you can make much more engaging and converts.

18. Publishing the first draft

Most of the bloggers and content writers publishing their first draft without any proofreading. That biggest mistake can kill your content credibility. Then you will lose your readers and trust.

So when publishing your posts, do not publish your first draft. Check your content and edit again and again to make sure to error-free. Then you can publish your post.

Conclusion – Content writing mistakes

The above content will help you to avoid content writing mistakes and improve the current and potential readers’ user experience. When planning to write your next blog post, consider all the above mistakes and keep in mind how you need to fix them and overcome each to create great content.

It will help you to build trust in your site from your readers and increase the views, converts, and engagements.

I hope the above 18 content writing mistakes will help you to prevent from above content writing mistakes and write great blog content that drives traffic and search results and to be successful in your blogging journeys. And if you know more about Common Content Writing Mistakes or have any suggestions please share with us in the comments section below.

Keshan Lge provides guides and Tips to Entrepreneurs for enhancing and simplifying their Online/Offline Business, Blogging, and SEO for business and being your own boss at your own business. was founded in Feb. 2018 by Keshan Liyanagama. I believe that knowledge should be free. So please, gain more knowledge through Bebizboss.


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