So, Are you looking for how to create a catchy slogan for your newly startup business?

Create a slogan for your business is also important as well as naming a business and designing a business logo.

It will help your advertising campaigns the same as a business logo.

To coming up with the killer and catchy business slogan can requires a lot of time. Let discuss more how to create a catchy slogan for your business?

How to Create a catchy slogan for your business

How to Create a catchy slogan for your business

Have you ever heard about below famous slogans?

Where do you want to go today? – Microsoft

Just do it – Nike

I’m lovin’ it – Mcdonald’s

Finger Lickin’ good – KFC

Do You… Yahoo!? – Yahoo

Everything is easier on a Mac. – Apple computers

Push button publishing. – Blogger

Intel Inside – intel

Business slogan definition – Create a slogan for your business

It is a memorable phrase. That is closely linked with a business logo and used in advertising campaigns.

It is claimed to be the most effective means of drawing attention to one or more aspects of a service or a product or a brand.

The main purpose of creating a slogan is to differentiate your business or products or service or brand from your competitors while at the same time highlighting in the market.

As well as Business logos, Business slogans are the first impressions for many potential customers in the market, so it is imperative that your business logo should stress your business’s worth.

For creating a great Logan, you should identify one key area of your business and integrate it into your business slogan.

Why we need a slogan for business?

  • It attracts immediate attention
  • It is an important part of your business such as business name and logo
  • Make easier to memorize your business name
  • Help to the branding process

How to create a catchy slogan? – Create a slogan for your business

You can write a killer slogan by yourself. Follow the below
steps to beginning the slogan creating process.  

  1. Dump out the entire business in a few sentences.
  2. Trim it down
  3. Trim it down to a few short sentences and slogan ideas
  4. Assemble your slogan squad
  5. Get feedback from others
  6. Choose the best slogan sentence for your business

You can get support from your family members and friends to create a great slogan.

To create a catchy slogan, the below tips will help you.

Tips to create a catchy Business slogan for your business

01. Do research

When creating a logo for your business, first you need to do proper market research about other business slogans in the target market as well as outside from the target market.

By doing slogan research you can get a better idea about what kind of business slogan you need? And what are the other competitors’ slogans? Not only about the market do proper research about your business too.

02. Consider your target market

When creating a catchy slogan, you need to consider your customers.

Are they local, national or international? If you are targeting the international market you need to always keep in mind that you have to translate your slogan to another language and it can significantly change the meaning of your slogan.

03. A slogan is longer than a single word but it should never be longer than a sentence

Ideally, the slogan should be between six to eight words. If your slogan is longer than a sentence, it will become jumbled and finally, it will have forgotten.

If the slogan is brief people can remember it better which is the primary goal of slogan writing Such as the Slogan of Apple “Think different

04. Start from the logo

If still, you haven’t a business logo first, you should be creating a logo for your business. The business slogan works with the business logo in order to promote your business or brand identity.

A slogan doesn’t really work without a proper logo. You can get the best result from your marketing campaigns by integrating both logo and slogan.

So it is better to start creating your business slogan from your business logo.

05. Keep it simple and clear

A proper slogan is only effective if your audience can
properly understand it quickly. Your slogan must not go over one sentence.

Also,it should be able to communicate the right message for your audience clearly.

06. Ensure it can stand alone

Your slogan must need to tells your audience what your business is without needing any additional information.

The whole business needs to represent in the sentence as the business logo. It tells people exactly what they will get when they tune it.

07. Make it funny. If you can

If you can bring humor to a slogan, just do it. It will help to lame and more memorable for your audience.

However, if you can’t make it funny without making it lame just drop the idea of making it fun and go with your next options.

08. Make it timeless

Your business has to change with the times. But working with the slogan you need to think of its longevity. So you have to Make it timeless.

However, there is no rule as you cannot change your slogan from time to time.

It can change from time to time such as once per 5-10 years, but not change it every time.

09. Should have rhythm

A slogan should have a rhythm and slogan should rhyme. Whether read or heard, the slogan should be pleasing to the ear; rhythmic and rhyming slogans are much more recognizable and memorable for later recall. Studies have shown that words presented in the form of a song are significantly remembered better than words presented in the speech.

10. Be Honest and don’t “Trump up”

When you write a slogan honesty is the most important thing. Ask yourself whether your business can actually deliver on the promise that your slogan makes. If not, Rethink the slogan.

Also, you should avoid using words such as “the best” or “number one”.

Because it is hard to substantiate even if it is true. So don’t trump up.   What you say, it should be delivered on your business or product or service or brand.

So when Create a slogan for your business you must be honest for yourself.

Where to find the Slogan writers? or business slogan generators?

If you cannot be writing a logo for your business, the best way is to get a slogan by having service from professional slogan writers, business slogan generator tools, advertising agencies, Freelance writes.

If you hire a slogan writer, it requires to be an element of trust there before you hire them. However, you can find good logo designers from freelancing sites such as fiver. Hiring some people for writing a slogan can cost you.

When choosing a create a slogan make sure to view the samples or examples of their previous works, Review for them, Design process, timeframe, prices, and communication.

Also, tell them what you need? What is your business? and Its brands? Give brainstorm a list of options just to make sure that they get understand what you believe your own brand message to be.

You can easily generate slogans using a business slogan generator with or without any cost.

If you haven’t a budget for allocating to create a slogan you can use the business slogan generator tool.

Some popular business slogan generator tools

  1. Oberlo slogan generator
  2. Shopify slogan maker
  4. Getsocio slogan maker

Conclusion – Create a slogan for your business

Some business changes their slogans time to time while others keep their slogans for years. There is no rule to keep your slogan for long terms.

You can change it from time to time but not every time.

Look at your competitors, Changes in your business or branding, and advertising campaigns, then change your slogans according to those factors.

A slogan is a necessary thing for branding as a logo is. A killer slogan can be gain the best results for your branding.

Also, it helps you to differentiate your business from the rest of the competitors. Just keep it simple and clear.

Always make sure to not making an inflated claim about your business or its products via your business slogan.

I hope the above details help you to get an idea about How to Create a catchy slogan for your business? And if you have any problem or know more about How to Create a catchy slogan for your business? Please share it with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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