Setting custom robots header tags into a blogger blog is another important method to blogger SEO optimization.

In Blogger, the new interface consists of very new features along with a Search Preferences Tab under Settings in the dashboard.

By using that feature you can improve your blog/web SEO Settings and drive quite decent traffic to your site from search engines.

Custom Robots Header Tags Settings For Blogger  SEO in three frames
Custom Robots Header Tags Settings For Blogger

When blogging it is important to make search engine optimization for our blog site to make organic and high traffic. In search engine optimization we can follow different methods.

The header tag also takes an important role to optimize our SEO.

If you are using blogger platform for your blogging, that is necessary to customize the custom Robots header tags. Also, you need to have a goog knowledge about what is robots headers tags? what are the important frm them to your blog site? What are the effects, if you use wrong customizations?

In wordpress, you can adjest those tags more than easiarly to the blogger.

What is Robots Header Tags?

A Robot header tag, also known as Search Preferences (SP) contains several possibilities which stipulate different undertaking by permitting or disabling these kinds of options.

That Robot header tag will eventually escape your blog from duplication data and blocked the labels and repository pages.

After applying the high-quality template and robots.txt file into your blog site it’s better to add customize Robots header tags settings. That will help you to Optimize SEO as we mention above.

That Custom Robots Header tag works the same as the Robots.txt file as both tell search engines about our blog’s crawling area.

That will also improve Google search preferences. In the Robots.txt file, You have to write commands but in the Robots Header, You have to tick the areas to crawl. Both are beneficial for getting more traffic from search engines and improves our visibility in search results as well as blogger SEO optimization.

Remember that SEO is the key to get high organic traffic to your blogger blog. You can optimize your blog site to get more and more organic traffic by doing only some SEO techniques.

How to Customize Robots Header Tags Settings in Blogger

1.      Log into your Blogger blog

2.     Go to Dashboard

3.     Then click on Settings

4.     Now click on Search Preferences

5.    In The Crawlers and Indexing Section, Custom Robots Header Tags >> Edit and    Tick YES to Enable It.

Then there will be open a long box. In that box will appear where you have to put tick marks.

By tick mark, you can easily set the custom Robots tags parameters for Homepage, Archives and Search pages and the default for posts and pages.

That customize robots tags parameters help you to control the commands to crawlers to which area to crawl or not.

Custom Robots Header Tags meanings

Custom Robots Header Tags  meanings

6. After ticking the fields as you prefer, click “Save Changes” and you are done.

Once you enable that Robots Header Tags in your Blogger, you can see the “Custom Robots Tags “is available for you in each post. That will be available on the right side of your post page Under Post settings >> Custom Robots Tags. You can use default settings or customize the settings as you wish.

You can customize robots header tags for your blog as you prefer. Now your blog is ready to get more organic traffic.

I hope the above method helps you to Settings the robots header tags into a blogger blog. And if you have any problem or know more of Custom Robots Header Tags Settings For Blogger, Please share with us in the comments section below.

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