Are you looking for how to earn money online or earn at-least 1$ per day? Already tired with scammers. Then, say bye for scammers. Let start with earning 1$ daily. Today with that article let discuss how to earn 1$ daily? In that post, I will show how You can earn 1$ daily easily just by clicking 40 times with only two sites? Only you have to search and click then you can earn 1$ daily easily.

All of us interested to earn money online. There are a lot of methods and sites to earn money online. But most of them are a scam or became a scam after a few times. In near to 90% of online earning methods are scams. But there is a most site that legal and paying on time for their members. With those sites you cannot become a millionaire from one night, you have to work hard and keep claim and see. Say goodbye for scam sites.

With that article, today I discuss how to earn 1$ daily from using only two sites. I am going to show you, how to quickly earn 1$ with just 40 clicks only using 2 sites. For earn 1$ daily, only you have to search and clicking your mouse 40 times.

How to earn 1$ per day by only searching and visiting

What are these two web sites and How to earn money from it?

The two web sites we will be using are Serpclix and Presearch.

Serpclix, is a website that will pay a minimum of 0.05$ just to click on the ad. For every single click you do, you earn 0.05 minimum. If you are from USA, Canada, UK, Australia you will earn 0.10$ per every click. You can be clicking up to 7 or more ads daily. With Serpclix webmasters who wish to improve organic SEO rankings & boosting ranking can buy credits and advertise on Serpclix. Member or real human clickers can earn money by clicking on those orders. Clickers can earn minimum 0.05$-0.10$ per order but that depends on your location.

With only the Latest Firefox web browser and PayPal account, you can start earnings with serpclix.

So with serpclix you can earn 0.10*7=0.70$ daily if you are from USA, Canada, UK, AUSTRALIA.   Or 0.05*7=0.35$ daily rest of other countries. That is a normal income that daily income can be more or less than 0.70/0.35 according to the availability of ads.

*Payments proof.

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine, that powered by the community. it’s promoting a system that lets people “get paid to search”. As your complete searches with Presearch’s online platform, you will earn tokens (0.25 Token per search).

Presearch, will pay you 0.25 Pre coin to search with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Duckduckgo, E Bay, Quora, BBC, and many other search engines and sites daily. They doing transactions using pre coins. That 1 pre-coin is currently worth $0.0305. it goes up and dawns most of the times because it is a Cryptocurrency, like BTC. Previously 1 pre-coin was worth up to 0.6$, 0.03$. who knows what it is worth now that you are reading the post. That could be worth more or less.

Presearch pays you 0.25 pre-coin per search. But Presearch limits you to search only 32 times every day. You can search for more than 32 times, but they pay for only 32 times. When you complete the 32 search times daily, you can earn 8 PRE coins (0.25*32). Since Pre coin is currently worth 0.0305$, completing the 32 searches a day should earn you 0.0305*8= 0.244$.

Now you have earned 0.244+0.70 = 0.944$. You can earn that amount daily. If there are more ads in serpclix you can earn more. For earn that 1$ you have just clicking 39 clicks with 2 sites.

That is only one successful method you can earn up to 1$ daily by search and click. You can try many more ways to earn money daily.

If you wish to earn more money you can try some earning methods in our site,, If you have a trusted online earning methods you are welcome to post and share with our site.

Ok. Then today we discuss how to earn 1$ daily. So don’t wait, start earning from today. Don’t forget to share experiences with us. If you have any problem, please comment below.
Happy Earnings

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