Are you looking for how to start a fitness journey blog and make money online?

If you have a passion for health and fitness, is fitness and health your hobby or a profession? Or

Are you love to work out and want to share what you know about health and fitness with the world?

Then you are in the right place. 

How To Start A Fitness Blog And Make Money - Step By Step Guide
How To Start A Fitness Blog And Make Money – Step By Step Guide

Blogging is very popular today because with an internet connection and little cost everyone can start a blog site.

You can run a blog from your home. By advertising, sponsoring, affiliating and monetizing you can make extra money for your pocket. Not only money.

Also, you can turn your blog out to be a fun and profitable community.

Such as the other type of blogs such as fashion, travel, lifestyle, and food, fitness is a broad topic.

Fitness is a broad term used to describe many categories of Health and fitness.

Why it is better to start a fitness blog?

The fitness industry is now doing better than it ever has. Most of the people are focused on how to losing their weight and becoming fit and staying fit.

If you write a good and informative fitness blog you will able to get more successful. Fitness is one niche that never seems to go out of style.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, trainer or small business owner with a focus on health and fitness, fitness is very familiar with you.

You have more chances to be a success in blogging what you know. Fitness has the biggest growing industry.

The world of fitness blogs is highly competitive. So you have to gain attention and make your voice heard. The only effective way to get that is to diversify content and establish your uniqueness and originality.

Also, you need to bring something special to the table.

You are blogging about human lives so you must be very careful with working human health and fitness. Search engines such as Google, they follow strict attention about health and fitness niches. To write health and fitness, you should be having professional or expert knowledge and liability for what you write about health and fitness. So you should be aware of that. 

With the right approach, right guiding, rich content, and
you can get a special place in the market.

It takes a few months or years to be a success in your journey and get the easy high life from your fitness blog. However, the way that you have to go to that point is not easy.

Most of the successful bloggers had to go through possibly years of not much income, also there is a lot of hard works behind their success.

Some of the fitness blogs give good and valuable information
and there for the right reasons. But some fitness bloggers are just there for the ad revenue. 

So, start a fitness blog is not as simple as it appears. If you are thinking of becoming to successful fitness blogger, you have to work hard. Also, there is tough competition from another blogger.

As soon as you start your blog, you cannot make money from it. There are a lot of works to do behind that fitness blog. You need to dedicate some money, time and effort for success.

Starting your blog can be easy but working to get it to become a successful point is not that easy. If you are fitness experts or trainers, then a fitness blog can be a very easy thing for you.

With your quality content, you can be most successful and make money online using your fitness blog. However, to be a success in blogging you should need to little knowledge about Blogging and SEO too.

To be success You need to provide great information for your readers and make a way to express your own passion for fitness, then you need to build up a great followers base.

That will be helpful for you to monetize your fitness blog and make money online.

How To Start A Fitness Blog And Make Money – Step By Step Guide

The below step by step guide will help you to start a fitness blog and make money online.

1. Do the research and choose a niche for your travel blog

When blogging it is very important to choose the right niche for your travel blog.

In the main niche, there are many sub-niches.  So you must focus on a specific niche within a fitness industry. Also, you need to probably define it even further.

Many bloggers fail because they are trying to targeting too
many niches and peoples.

So when choosing the right niche, you need to become an expert on it. Keep your blog more direct and focused.  

What will you be writing about?

First, you need to decide what is your audience. What their needs? And what kind of topics that your blog is going to focus on? For that, you need to do research to find out Who is your audience? Who are your competitors? What are your competitors already doing?  What kind of area did they cover? and Find out what is their blogging style and content? then try to come out with the different and uniqueness with originality.

There are more than three billion searches done per day on Google. People use the internet for searching for so many different things. Fitness is also among them.

You should think about what searches are going to be related to your fitness blog.   

  • How to get fit
  • How to lose weight
  • How to losing belly fat
  • How to get a six-pack
  • Famous celebrities’ fitness regime
  • New moms who want to get back into shape after having a baby
  • Pregnant women wanting to stay healthy
  • Old people wanting to get into shape
  • Targeting fake fitness news and bring the truth to light
  • Workouts
  • Teens wanting to get into sharp
  • Working with certain diet fads.
  • Home-based fitness activities
  • Tips for getting fitness
  • Exercise methods
  • Muscle building for men
  • Cycling or running and marathons

These are the few ideas. There are a lot of topics. Your fitness blog must be something that can solve readers’ problems, and you need to find a way to make sure your blog site to come up with those searches.

You need to offer proper answers to your readers and solve their problems. If your visitors do not receive satisfying answers, they will be looking for another fitness blog because there are millions of blogs about fitness.

When you writing about the above topic make sure to give attention to the below points. Because according to the below facts fitness methods can be different.

You can make for the post for each kind of people differently.

  • Age of the reader
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Job
  • Parent or not
  • Health
  • Hobbies

2. Choose a brandable domain name and register your domain

When you are going to start a blog site, business or anything, its name will be taken a specific place. Because your whole image, brand and all the identity will be built based on the name.

When naming your blog, you need to get a few times and decide the best name for your blog site.

Your blog name should be reflective of your target niche which you have chosen.

My recommendation is Namecheap. You can purchase a
domain name for law price without any hidden costs.

3. Decide a good blogging platform

When choosing a blogging platform, people do the biggest mistake by starting with a wrong blogging platform.

What are the best blogging platforms? There are a lot of blogging platforms such as blogger,, those are different from each other.

If you are new to blogging, still haven’t a better knowledge about blogging and if you haven’t enough money to expend for your blog site, Blogger blogging platform is the best platform for you.

Because it is free of charge. Also not require expert knowledge about hosting or blogging. That belongs to Google so you can start a blog with your Gmail address.

If you can spend little money, you can choose the WordPress platform. It is a good resources platform more than blogging platforms. provides the platform and hosting facility for a price. is free, only you have to download software and install it to the hosting provider’s account. So in, you have to expend some money to buy a hosting provider to host and set up your site by ourselves.

I highly recommended for your travel blog because it gives full access to at all WordPress features and it is well resources. The most important thing is you can make money from your blog without any limitations such as blogger and

Still wonder how to choose the right blogging platform for your travel blog, then read our article on how to choose the right blogging platform for your blog site?

4. Choose the best hosting provider

As well as blogging platforms, there are a lot of Hosting providers such as Namecheap, Bluehost, Dreamhost and etc.

If you are selected, Blogger and as your blogger platform you don’t need to hurry to purchase a hosting provider because they provide the free hosting service.

But if you choose as your blogging platform you have to purchase the hosting service from the second party.

You have to be very careful when choosing the right hosting provider for hosting your travel blog. Those providers are different from each other from their prices and features.

First, you need to decide what are the best qualities of a good hosting provider and who is the best hosting provider.

What are the factors to consider when buying a hosting service?

  • Customer service and support
  • Prices and additional cost or hidden costs
  • Free domain available or not
  • Ease of set up
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Reliability
  • Recommendations from your friends and bloggers
  • Affiliate offers availability
  • Security
  • Speed

My best recommendation is Namecheap Hosting. Because you can get a quality hosting service at a low price.

5.Install WordPress or blogger on your web hosting account

If you are using After you purchased the hosting service you need to log in to your hosting dashboard (cPanel). After login scrolls down and clicks on the WordPress icon.

Then add your domain name other required details of your travel blog and click on install. It will have the required WordPress theme to install, Skip it and do it later.

After completed you will receive the login URL and password. Change the password later.

If you are you using a blogger platform, you are not required to complete this step because it required only add a domain name for your blog.

Read How to add a custom domain to the blogger blog?

6. Choose a suitable theme for your travel blog

Your travel blog design and appearance display Based on your chosen WordPress theme. So be careful to choose the best theme for your blog.

There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes that you can install your travel blog.

However, not all themes are not suitable for travel blogs. So take a few time and think and match. You can change your theme at any time. To install and customize the theme, follow the instruction in the theme file. 

You need to add a theme and design your blog that tells the world that it is a fitness blog.

7. Add plugins

If you need to bring more traffic to your travel blog from search engines like google and Bing, then you need to make your blog SEO friendly. Not only that, sometimes you need to add more features to your blog.  For that, you can get support from WordPress Plugins. There are thousands of free and paid plugins.

To get the best result to write your traveling posts by using formatting. That format allows search engines to display extra information like rating, preparation time, etc. in the search result.

Also, add security, image optimize, social media and SEO plugins. Always remember to add a few add-ons, not too much 

8. Build your traveling blog and keep updating

Welcome to blogging. Congratulations! You started your own fitness blog. Now it is time to start blogging.

Now you have your own blog to publish your travel posts. Your blog should look amazing.

Then you can start to write good quality travel posts. When writing travel posts and other content always remember to add value and uniqueness for your blog content.

Your contentment should be an engaging style Your content should be able to attract more readers. So use images, audios, graphics, and videos.

Not only that, but you also need to speed up your blog load speed to give the expressive experience for your readers. Also, it will help to improve your site SEO.

Make sure to add quality blog posts regularly for posting schedules and keep the content up to date. Your content should be credible, enjoyable, innovative, simplifier and reliable. It will help to get enough traffic and worth the attention of advertisers. 

Add About Me, Contact, Terms, Copyright, and Privacy pages

Do research surveys and find out what your audience needs? What are the latest trends and How act your competitors? And keep updating every day.

9. Use SEO for your Fitness blog

If you need to bring more readers to your travel blog and optimize for search engines, you need to apply On-page and Off-page SEO tricks and tips. In WordPress, You can install SEO plugin such as Yoast, Rankmaths and etc.

Also, make your blog more mobile-friendly. Then most people can visit your blog. Add value for your content.  Create more interesting, fun, unique and SEO friendly content.

When searching on the search engines such as Google, people are most likely to read through the results on the first page and most possibly second page.

Those first page results are come up with the best content and SEO. So You need to bring your blog to be one of them.

Do you need more details about SEO? Read how to optimize your blog SEO and Rank in Google.

10. Reach out to your audience

Get more traffic and boost your blog by marketing and promote your blog. In travel blogs, you need to get activated in your social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and etc. If

still, you are not in them, strongly advise embracing all forms of social media.

Always remember to keep the same user name of your blog on every social media. Do not forget to join different Facebook groups, see twitter hashtags trends, and other social media groups related to your niche.

Also, try to create a promotion campaign and advertising on social media platforms.

If you have more traffic to your travel blog, you will have more blog’s earnings. If you have more visits, it helps to more earnings, and improve your brand recognition.

How to get more traffics to your Fitness blog?

1. Start building an email list using Newsletters

2. Create a YouTube channel for your blog and making videos
of fitness and health.

3. Use social media to promote your fitness guides

4. Create some great followers

5. Write the guest post in other sites

The above steps will help you to start a fitness blog easily.

If you need more details about blogging, you can get more knowledge from reading our blogging section.

Also, the below tips will help you to succeed in your fitness blog.

11. Monetarize and make money with your blog

If you need to make an income from your blog, you need to
own place on the internet that will take longer to develop and a bigger audience.

So you really have to work hard on promoting your travel blog and
improve the content and SEO.

After you have added a few best travel posts and content with quality traffic, it is time to start thinking about making money from your fitness blog.

There are different ways to start making money from your travel blog.

To bring a large income you need a large number of buyers and a lot of sales tactics

What are the effective ways to monetize and make money from
your fitness blog?

  1. Sell producing items such as ebooks, print books
  2. Provide online training courses and webinars
  3. Display ads using Google AdSense and other ad networks
  4. Affiliate marketing programs
  5. Direct advertising on your blog pages
  6. Sponsorship ads
  7. Sponsored posts and content
  8. Have an eCommerce site along with the blog

You can go to 6 figures in income. But that does not happen overnight.

Tips for success in your travel blog and expert make money from the blog

  1. Post fitness articles on a regular schedule such as daily or weekly and stick to it
  2. Always create your own style and uniqueness. Write natural, easy to understand and friendly
  3. Optimize On-page and Off-page SEO
  4. Keep your articles more than 600 words
  5. Post images and videos those support to your content
  6. Always try to add value to readers
  7. Don’t copy content be creative
  8. Always try to be more than just other bloggers on the internet
  9. Be patient
  10. Always keep learning
  11. Be careful with your uploading images
  12. Speed up your blog load speed
  13. Upload colorful and attractive photos
  14. Use proper color codes to designs
  15. Post content about the popular trends
  16. Find companies that are in line with your own vision and work with them
  17. Be genuine and offer something of value and help others to reach their fitness goals
  18. Build an email list
  19. Promote more than write
  20. Make a YouTube video about what you write
  21. Do guest posting

I think the above detail will help you to start a fitness blog for making money or as your hobby.

It will help you to make extra money for your pocket and be your own boss in your own business.

I hope the above step by step guide for how to start a fitness blog and make money online will help you to succeed in your blogging and make money online journey. And if you need to add more on how to start a fitness blog and make money online or have any suggestions on please share with us in the comments section below. 

Keshan Lge provides guides and Tips to Entrepreneurs for enhancing and simplifying their Online/Offline Business, Blogging, and SEO for business and being your own boss at your own business. was founded in Feb. 2018 by Keshan Liyanagama. I believe that knowledge should be free. So please, gain more knowledge through Bebizboss.


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