So, Are you looking for how to write a blog post that people actually read and share + rank in #1 page of search engines?

Then you are in the right place.

This step by step guide will help you to write a great blog post and rank at #1 page in Search engines such as Google.

Write a blog post
How To Write a Blog Post that People actually Read and Share and Rank #1 page in search engines

Already we discussed a lot of things about blogging.

But today we discuss how to write a great blog post for your brand new blog site that people will read for months and months.

Have you ever heard that statement, “Content is a King”?

Yes. Blog post content is a key element for bring readers and rank your site in the search engines.

But rank in higher can be done for original, well-optimized and valuable content only. If you are copying other bloggers’ content, then your copied content cannot help you to rank your site in first pages in search engines such as Google, Bing.

Your writing blog post content will be deciding on your blog successful or unsuccessful.

Not only that, but it will also help you to earn a thousand dollars from your quality traffic. That is why we said content is a king.

Why do we need to write winning blog content?

  • If you adding quality, valuable and SEO optimized content, it will help you to rank higher your site in search engines such as Google, Bing.
  • If you provide the answers for what people looking for, you can win a thousand readers as well as search engines.
  • It will help you to build a powerful brand voice via your blog site
  • Help to make a massive impact on a company’s leads and engagement rates.
  • If you add SEO optimized content with right and optimized keywords, people will able to find your site and increase your web traffics.
  • If you provide the winning blog post, people will stay with you for a long time and share your content all over the internet and social media
  • Unique and quality content can be one secret to make money online
  • If you provide the quality and well-optimized content with quality traffic you can make money blogging
  • More than 90% of organic search traffic to business web sites come through its blog site. If you have a blog site with quality content and well SEO optimized, ranking in search engines the first page and getting more organic traffic is not more hard for you.

What makes a good blog post?

Before we discuss how to write a blog post, it is better to get a better understanding of what makes a good blog post? What the best blog posts have in common?

It solves the problems

People don’t visit your blog by accident or auto. They seek answers to their questions via the internet. They visit a blog site only because people have questions that need to be solved or answered.

If your blog content provides perfect answers in short and sweetly for their questions, they will visit the blog sites and read and visit continually.

Also, they will share your blog content and recommend your blog to other people. But if they cannot find answers or cannot satisfy your answers they will leave your site as soon as they enter your site. 

Not only solve the questions but also try to do it in a meaningful way and add value for your content.

Easy to read

Your content must be so easy to read and understand even no-brainer.

If your content all your readers to sleep as soon as they start reading, there is a huge chance to they will look elsewhere to solve their questions.

So you need to find a way to balance your in-depth information and keeping your audience’s attention and entertain. For that, you need to develop your writing style.

Well optimized, but not too optimize

Blog post content must be well optimized for readers as well as search engines and social media to optimizing your content for SEO but it should not be too optimizing.

Well, optimize must for rank your site into first pages in search engines.

For well optimizing your blog content must be original, SEO friendly, readable, quality and keyword-rich.

Visually engaging

Your post should not only text. You can add images, bullets, and quotes for bringing interesting and visually engaging for your blog post. That will keep your readers interested in reading without any boring. It will help you to bring more traffic to your site.

When you are writing a blog post you should keep in mind the above four points. Those will help you to make good blog posts.

How To Write a Blog Post that People actually Read and Share? Step by step guide

Are you wonder about How To Write a Blog Post that People actually Read and Share? Then, below is about that.

Write a winning content can be a challenging thing, but with below step by step, it can be made simple for you.

You really only have 2 or 3 seconds to grab your readers’ attention without leaving your site immediately, also you need to convince them to click and actually read your blog post.

Then, the below step by step guide to writing good blog content will be helpful for you.

Are you ready to write a blog post that people actually read and share and help rank in google #1 page?

01. Do Researches and know your audience

If you cannot decide what you are going to write? Or you need to study more about what you need to write, you can do proper researches for it. This will help you to write a winning blog post.

Researches help you to know your audience well. If you need to write winning blog content it is essential to know your audience well.

For the researches, you can get helpful data from researches for the picked niche markets.

From the researches, you need to get information about who is your target audience? What are they looking for? What are the solutions you can provide? Best keywords for optimizing your blog post, and your competitors.

Know and understand your blog audience will help you to win your blog audience. Also, always remember who is your audience and what are they looking for throughout the whole writing process.

By doing keyword research you can find the most searching topics in your niche.

 Also, you can do a take regular polls to get data from your audience.

When doing researches always keep in mind to find the answers to the below Questions too.

  1. What is it readers want to know?

2. What is it that I have high-quality knowledge about?

02. Decide what you going to write

Already we discuss how to pick the right niche market or combination of the niche market for blogging?

When writing blog content, it is highly required to write content about your picked niche or sub-niches.

Does your picked niche market already provide the right direction for what you need to write? So it is very simple to decide what you need to write based on your niche.

You can start to write a blog post, keep the main goal in mind. When writing a blog post always keep in mind why you write this post and what is the specific purpose behind your writing?

Your goal for writing a blog post will answer the question of “Why do you blog?

Your goals can be,

  • Build a brand in your niche market of for yourself
  • Make money by referring people to products and earn commission
  • To sell your own products
  • For a hobby or share your knowledge
  • To promote your business and sell your products
  • To generate leads or be an influencer
  • Or maybe some different reason more than the above reasons

Your blog post must be helped to achieve your goals. Each time you write a blog post, think, “How is this post helping me to achieve my goal?

03. Generate a List of the topic to write posts

Topics are the lifeblood for your blog content. Titles are the first feature to pay attention to both readers as well as search engines.

So you need to come up with great and powerful topics. By generating a list of topics will help you to find and build a great title for your blog posts.

Do you need to build a list of what you need to write? Simply that list should be an idea bank for you.  Those can be titles for writing your blog posts. Those lists must be build based on your picked niche market.

That can be difficult to come up with great ideas in a short time period. Do not worry take your time to build your idealist.

If you are unable to build a list of topics, you can use forums, communities, SEO tools such as Quora, Reddit, FAQ, Ubersuggest, etc.

Your generating topics must be relevant, compelling and interested in your niche.

There are a lot of topics that may not be worth your time and effort. So you need to be more careful when choosing a headline for writing blog posts. So it is important to search your headline and keywords to measure the SEO, Keyword competition and search value.

After building a list of the topic you can decide which topics will perform well and which won’t, and which need to more develop or which can be divided into more topics.

It is better to keep developing this topic list building process in the future too.

Also, you need to plan your blog topic in advance to attract readers to visit your blog post.

Always keep a note-taking system with you.

Use Google alerts, Google Trends, Twitter Advanced Search, Twitter, and Instagram trends.

04. Choose a blog post format

Before starting to write blog posts, it is better to choose the right post format for writing your blog post.

There are three types of blog post formats.

How to – blog format

How to – type format provides an opportunity to take a deep dive into a specific topic. You can target niche audiences looking for expertise and self-explanatory. This type of blog topic has very specific search-intent and you can use them as a foundation for their blog sites.

How to start a blog site in 2020?

Question-based blog post format

This type of blog post addresses a specific question reader might have, and help writes hone in their focus on a single topic that responds to or poses a question with Who, What, When, or Where?

Unlike how to post type, this type of blog site does not necessarily teach readers how to do something but you can use this type format to broaden in scope but do well to kick up the curiosity of the readers.

Listicle blog posts

This type is simply a blog post formatted as a list which uses list-style posts.

05. Pick the right keyword

The keyword is something that people search for a lot on Google and other search engines and there are many other posts and sites that complete providing answers using that word.

Each post that you publish should tackle a specific main keyword (short or long) or key phrase. It will help people as well as search engines to find your blog post.

Every blog post that you write should have its own focus keyword but not too many. Also, do not duplicate your keywords. Always keep in mind to do one post optimizing for one specific keyword.

To find keywords, you can use, KWFinder, Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest.

Also, do not forget to spy on your competitors’ post and keyword usage.

06. Write a powerful headline for blog posts

More than 90% of people will decide whether or not to read blog posts based on their headlines. So you need to write powerful and click-worthy headlines to attract your readers within a second.

Your whole blog post must be present from your headline within a few words.

  • Add keywords to your main headlines.
  • Write 5 or more blog headlines and choose the most powerful headline.
  • Build sub-headlines that support to your main headline.
  • Write powerful headlines that are easy to consume and impossible to ignore.
  • Write headlines between 50-60 words

07. Prepare the outline

Create an outline that provides an overall structure for your blog post, without constraining your creativity.

Many of the people have negative associations with this outline concept. A simple outline is good enough. It will be a road map for you to build a quality blog content.

Take a few minutes to write a quick outline, it will help you to save an hour’s dedications and time in the future.

What should include in the outline?

  1. Catchy Headline – Should be interesting enough to make visitors want to read the full post.
  2. Catchy picture
  3. Introduction
  4. Main points
  5. Conclusion
  6. Invitation for feedback
  7. Related posts
  8. Comments and Sharing

If you are done well, it will provide a lot of benefits for your blog content writing such as, provide a framework that helps to focus on smaller concerns like word choice and flow of writing.

Post outlines will help you to ensure you cover all the important points in your blog content in a logical order. It will help you to organize well your blog content.

This will give your post a better structure and make sure that your post doesn’t get too lengthy and don’t go off-topic.

08. Organize your blog post to make reader-friendly

As well as writing the blog content, you need to work on make your blog content more reader-friendly. It will help you to boost the readers and blog visitors.

To make your blog content as readable as possible, you need to organize them into small, digestible content and make sure that you are never presenting the dense blocks of information for your readers.

Always try to break your large content into approachable pieces and making that content more reader-friendly. Not only for readers, but it will also help to better SEO.

09. Write blog posts

This is the process of writing blog posts. People do not care about what you think, they care about what is in it for them and is it helpful to solve their questions.

For make easy and write quality blog content make it a three-step as process below

  • Write
  • Edit
  • Proofread

1. Write

Do not think twice, when you write, you should write-only. Just fly and do not wait for self-corrections. Write sentences that make sense about your blog title.

If you stop for self-corrections and editing, it stops the flow of ideas and disrupts your creative thinking and finally, it makes storytelling harder.

In this step only you need to write content as you possible. Do not worry about any mistakes or grammar errors. Just write down everything that you can think of that related to your post headline.

Below are a few tips to write blog posts.

  • Use bullet points and numbered lists
  • Try to write too much. Rather than too little
  • Try to write long posts
  • Write the introduction first and conclusion last
  • Stay focus and write to achieve your goals
  • Write relevant content. Your content must able to solve problems and provide answers to the audience.
  • Write uniqueness and valuable content. Do not write duplicate content. Also, search and find your competitors the same topics and add write refresh and unique posts.
  • Write in-depth. Find and make sure you will able to write enough content. Try to provide answers deeply but simply. If you write shorter content it can be useful but if you read long-form content it will tend to provide the best returns for your blog content.
  • Focus on evergreen content. There is a good place for time-sensitive blog content. By using the evergreen content concept, you will able to provide relevant and useful to readers’ years from now.
  • You need to balance your blog post content and always keep in mind factors to write good blog posts
  • Write more than 600 words per post
  • Write points that are easy to consume and impossible to ignore and break the flow
  • Add a subhead for every few paragraphs that support for post main headline

2. Edit

Once you have finished the written of the blog post (above write step), You can start editing your blog content and do self-corrections. But don’t edit right after you have finished writing.

Get a break and allow for some time to pass (maybe a day or more). Now start reading your written content and find grammar errors, mistakes and edit your content and making your blog post better, tighter.

Avoid grammatical issues and awkward phrases. For that, you can use Grammarly.

Improve readability with getting the support from a tool such as the Hemingway Editor. It will help you to improve your blog readability and identify opportunities to make your content more readable.

It will help to identify readability grade, words count, adverbs, uses of passive voice, alternative words, hard and very hard sentences.

Fixed mistakes and free of errors of your blog content will help you to establish credibility for your blog site and make easy to focus on your blog content.

3. Proofreading

In this step you allow you to bring some fresh eyes on your content and notice some new issues.

In this step, you can take care of other related tasks such as, adding images, tune the layout, and evaluate is your blog post content help you to achieve your goals via your blog content. If your post is ok you can post it in your blog site, it doesn’t go back to editing.

Double-check your blog post and formatting for readability. Edit the entire post, not just only the sentences.

Writing log content not finished after you wrote the blog posts. You need to double-check on your written content and make sure your blog content is error-free such as below.

By proofreading, you should give your post one final read-through to catch any errors, confusing sentences, and grammar mistakes.

You need to make sure to improve your blog post likeability, Credibility, Urgency, and Authenticity by asking the question, show statistical results, make comparisons, explain situations, describe the current situations, debate type questions and answering the peoples’ questions in short and sweet.

Those qualities will help you to keep retain your readers with your blog post without existing.

10. Add images and rich Alt tags

The human brain processes visual content such as images lot faster than text-based blog content.

So not only the written blog content, Content such as images, tables, and useful links also must be included for your blog content to winning your readers’ minds.

When adding images to your blog content you must be very careful with choosing images, it isn’t those images that can be bringing unlucky for you.

When choosing the images, you must be aware about copyright about your images.

Do not add images from google search because those images may have copyright for another user. If Google finds it, it will cause to discourage ranking in google.

So always use copyright-free images from sites such as, If you can pay a few dollars for your images, you can use Shutterstock, a premium stock photo site.

 11. Optimize for SEO

Search engine optimization(SEO) helps you to display your site in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. By optimizing your blog content for SEO, you can rank your site in Search engines.

It will help you to bring more organic readers for reading your blog content. Search engines such as Google drives the huge number of traffic for well SEO optimizing blog sites. So always write blog content with SEO.

The below points will help you to SEO optimize your content. For more learning, please visit SEO optimize tips for rank your site in google.

  • Submit sitemap to search engines
  • Keyword research
  • Optimize your post headlines
  • Add proper Meta descriptions
  • Optimize site Permalinks
  • Optimize for the focus keyword
  • Use related and supported keywords
  • Add image ALT attribute
  • Interlink posts
  • Custom Robots Header Tags
  • Add custom Robots.txt file
  • Use plugins such as Yoast, Rankmaths
  • Add all in one SEO pack for your blogger site
  • Share your posts in social media profiles
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Add FAQ content
  • Add focus keyword for introduction

12. Do not forget to add author biodata

When written a blog post it is highly recommended to add author biodata at the end of the post. It will help to increase the credibility of your blog post and blog content.

As well as blog posts do not forget to add pages such as about, Contact, Privacy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Sitemap. Those pages will increase the credibility of your blog content.

13. Get feedback

Before you post your blog posts, it is better to get another person or person’s opinions about your blog content. If you have a team for running your blog, you can get their opinion about your blog content.

Also, you can get support from your friends and family members. Let them read your content and listen to what they said about it? this feedback well huge helpful for you to win your readers.

14. Post your blog content and win the battle for your readers’ attention

If you write a lot of blog posts at one time, then you can save your written posts as a draft or scheduled for publishing automatically in the future. If you follow a regular schedule for posting your blog posts, you can draft or schedule to publish.

Blogging is some kind of a battle. Can you imagine how many blog sites are there? How many blog sites are newly publishing per day? How many posts published in a minute? Maybe it cannot be imagining for you.

With your quality and original content that battle can win some far.

But that is not only enough, but you also need to shape few more features to publish your content and win the battle for getting your readers’ attention such as blogging platform, your niche, SEO tips, Plugins, Social networks for sharing your blog content, email newsletters, and content marketing techniques, etc.

But more than the above features your battle win will be decided on your ideas and content of your blog post. Also, transform those points for readers’ lives. Those ideas will be fighting for you. So make sure to know and write blog content like a pro.

15. Keep writing and updating

Writing a blog content can be challengeable and though, but it is highly necessary to keep writing and updating your blog content.

You need to publish your blog post in a schedule regularly. So it is better to write a lot of blog posts as you can and generate a post bank and publish it on a schedule regularly.

Not only that you also need to update the already posted content with the time. Also, you need to be updated with time to time about your blogging niche and blog post title list. It will help you to write new blog posts in the future.

Also do not forget to keep protect your blog post from spammers.

Conclusion Now it is your turn

Writing a quality blog content can be challenging and thought, but it is necessary to publish posts in a schedule regularly. Yes, it can be hard. To be success in yourself and your blog, you need to work hard and do some dedicates.

There is no and easy ways or shortcuts if bogging or content writing is easy everyone would do it. Because it is not, you need to work hard, do some dedicates and follow strategies and tips to be successful.

I hope the above step by step guide for How To Write a Blog Post that People actually Read and Share helps you to write a blog post for wining your readers and rank in google’s first pages. It will help you to be a success in your blogging journeys. And if you know more about How To Write a Blog Post that People actually Read and Share and rank in google’s first pages or have any suggestions please share with us in the comments section below. 

Keshan Lge provides guides and Tips to Entrepreneurs for enhancing and simplifying their Online/Offline Business, Blogging, and SEO for business and being your own boss at your own business. was founded in Feb. 2018 by Keshan Liyanagama. I believe that knowledge should be free. So please, gain more knowledge through Bebizboss.


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