Are you looking for How to Write Headlines That Drive Traffic, Shares and Search Results? Then you are in the right place.

Have you read magazines, Newspapers, Books or articles? Can you imagine those are without any headlines but only with print ads and images?

I think your answer will be “How It is possible?”

Yes. Without headlines, it can be tedious and confusing and boring for reading.

Headlines are playing a major role in those Newspapers, Magazines, and articles. Those headlines conclude your whole post content into few words.

Headlines help you to grab attention from your readers and keep in touch with your article.

Headlines are the main advertisement for your blog content. It compels the readers to read your content.

So your headlines should be catchy, simple, powerful and persuasive. If it is not, you unable to attract readers to visit and read your blog posts.

“If your blog post titles stink and poor, your blog will fail no matter how much better your blog content is.”

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Why it is important to write a catchy headline for blog posts?

When readers search what are they looking for they type about few words what are they searching for in the search box?

After they type and click on the search button, Search engines such as Google were given 10 search results on their first page which well optimized and best match keywords that is entirely up to Google.

For rank in the first 10 results, as well as blog content, blog post title also needs to be well optimized and powerful.

Also, it should be including your whole blog content in few words and focus keyword.

Ranking your blog post on Google’s first page is not that easy. It depends on a lot of factors of Search Engine Optimization methods. That also includes the catchy headlines.

Also, it needs to be readable without any issues.

“When people looking answers for their questions via google, they only read the post headlines/Title in the result pages.

If your Post headlines are well SEO optimizing, it will help you to rank your post on the first page of search result, if your post headline is catchy, click-worthy, readable and powerful, it will grab the attention from readers within seconds.

As soon as they get the attention of your post title, they will click on your post title and visit your site.”

To retain readers with your blog content, you need to use powerful post headlines as well as quality blog post content.

If you use a bad headline, you probably unable to be on search engines first pages and if you somehow make it there, people will much more likely to click on the more attractive post headline over yours even if your blog content is 100 times better. That called, “Do judge a book by its cover.

So more than 95% of people decide whether to read or not read the blog content based on your blog post headlines.

Also, if you have simple and attractive post titles, that will help you to more shareable in Social media and grab the attention of millions of social media users. It will help you to bring your post across the internet.

Not only social media sharing but also you can get hundreds of comments from powerful headlines.

It takes a lot of time to write high-quality posts, but sadly most of the high-quality blog content won’t even get read because of poor post titles.

So you need to write quality blog content and make even quality and greater post title to go with your post that people feel compelled to click.

Otherwise, people have a lot of options such as your competitors’ posts.

What makes an effective Blog post headline?

There are a few factors that help to make your blog post headlines more effective.

1.Catch their eye/ grab attention

A powerful blog post titles need to catch peoples’ eyes (grab attention) within 2 seconds, whether they see it in search engines such as Google, Bing, newsletters, Social media profiles such as Facebook timeline, twitter timeline, Pinterest.

2. Get a click

As soon as you grab the attention of people, the next thing you need to get them to click for your blog post through the headline. That can be difficult.

However, if you can grab the attention successfully, people will notice your post title and they will click on your headlines and visit your post. Otherwise, your post will be going unnoticed.

3.Increase the engagement or action

If people satisfy with your providing answer and quality content to solve their questions, they will share or like your articles or buy your products and help to improve the engagement rate of your blog post.

For do that you post headlines need to encourage people to read your great content and share it.

4.Improve your long-term Search engine ranking

An optimized and powerful post title not only helps to get people interested in the article. But also it helps to rank your article in the first pages in search engines such as Google in the long-term.

It will help you to get a thousand visits for your blog posts.

How to write headlines that drive traffic, shares, search results and engagements?

For writing a powerful post title you can get help from the below Tips.

Those tips for writing powerful post headlines will help you to grab the attention and get more views to your blog posts to get more clickable and shareable.

Tips for writing headlines that drive traffic, shares, search results and engagements

01. Think about your audience

First of all, you need to think about your audience and study what matters to them?

As much as you know and understand their dreams and pain points, it makes easy to write powerful post headlines that truly speak to your audience.

02. Conclude your blog post into a few words

Your whole blog post content must be present from your headline using few words. So to write a catchy headline first you need to expert your blog post into your post headlines.

For that, you need to understand the target of writing your blog post and write it perfectly to target the emotions of your target audience.

You need to define and point what the article is about? It is doesn’t matter how big or small? You need to address the right point of your blog article via your post headline.

That also helps you to improve your SEO and grab attention from people easily.

03. Write multiple headlines for every blog post

You need to write multiple headlines for every article and pick the best one among those post headlines. A lot of writers, editors and professional bloggers recommend doing this step when planning your headlines.

There is no specific formula for writing the great headlines, only need to keep in mind a few important points, tips and write multiple headlines to brainstorm ideas.

04. Keep it simple and clear

If your headlines become more complex and too long, it will be confusing the readers and they will ignore your blog post. So you need to write your post title in simple and clear.

It needs to give a clear idea of what is your blog post talking about in very simple.

There is no standard word limit for post titles. How long or short your title should be depending on what is your goals are writing a blog post and where our headline appears such as search engines such as Google, Bing, Social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

05. Call for attention

The main purpose of the writing powerful post headline is to grab attention from people to visit and read your blog post.

So it is very important to your headlines should be a call for attention such as magnetic to grab attention from people.

06. Include the most important benefit in the headlines

You need to pick the most important benefit that includes in your blog post and includes that benefit in your post headlines.

It helps to grab attention from your readers easily because of that included benefit.

07. Provide useful information that solves problems

People use the internet to solve their issues. They search their questions on the search engines and find the best solutions for their problems.

By adding solutions to blog content is not enough, you should make sure your blog post title reflects summarize of solutions to common problems that people searching for.

08. Optimize post headline length for readability and SEO

The length of your post headline is a very important aspect of improving your post SEO. Your post title characters’ limit should be set for SERPs of search engines and social media.

The length of characters of post title can be different from one platform to another platform.

Also, that limited number of characters you need to include your focus keyword, an idea about what you present, numbers and etc.

So it should be well optimized with those factors to Improve SEO of your blog post without any issue for readability of post title.

If your blog title is too long people won’t even be able to see the entire post headline when they browsing search results or social media profiles. Not only that, if your blog headline becomes too short, it can be an issue to understand what is this post about?

Both of the above issues cause the risk of lacking helpful information to get attention from search engines and readers.

Also, they will have lost interest to read your blog post. That can be harmful to your blog.

What are the limits of characters to improve post SEO?

  • Google – up to 70 characters
  • Bing – Up to 71 Characters
  • Facebook – 40-80 Characters
  • Instagram – 138-150 Characters
  • Twitter – 71-100 characters
  • LinkedIn – 25 words
  • Newsletters – 50 characters

09. Use specific numbers and statistics with headlines

Most of the people interested to click and read blog content with specific numbers and statistics included in the post headlines.

Your post headlines work best when those are very specific such as add numbers and statistics to your post headlines. 

Also, those numbers and statics will help you to increase the credibility of your subject and blog content.

As well as adding numbers to your headlines, you can use odd numbers to your post headlines. It will help to get 25% more clicks than headlines with numbers.

For that, you can write the last item as a bonus item, as for example if you write a blog post such as a list of 7 writing tips, you can add the 8th tip as a “bonus tip” instead of assigning the numbers.

If you need to use odd numbers in the post title anyways, how to do it?

Let think you are writing a list of about 15 secrets to make money online, You can write is as 14+ secrets to making money online in 2020.

This type of headline will help you to grab attention from your readers more the adding numbers. Not only that, it will give the option of expanding your blog post later to include more tips and items.

10. Use parentheses, Hyphens to get more engaging

By using parentheses (brackets), you can get more engaging blog titles that grab attention from your readers within a second.

It will increase post headlines performs 40% better than headlines without them.

You can use this parenthesis to separate clauses and verities of headlines. You can use parentheses in several ways.

1.Generate curiosity

You can generate curiosity by using parenthesis for your headlines. This tactic helps you to more clicks for your blog post because of the curiosity for readers.

Example – 15 secrets to make money online (#15 Double your earnings)

2.Referencing additional bonuses

By adding an additional bonus or another good reason to click, you able to increase readers’ engagement with your blog post.

Example – 7 Best Domain Name Registrars to Start a Blog Site in 2020 (Promo Codes included)

3.Boosting credibility

By adding parentheses to boosting credibility, you can give readers a great reason to view your post as an authority right away. Then they will be much more likely to click and read your article.

Example – 15 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Rank Your Site in Google (That Increase My Traffic by 220%)

As you can see by adding a few powerful words in parentheses can make strengthen your post headlines by adding credibility statements, bonus points and giving another reason to visit your blog post. Also, you can use hyphens too.

4.Use hyphens

Similar to the parentheses, you can use hyphens to increase your blog click-through rate and more engaging.

When using hyphens for post titles you can use your focus SEO keyword phrase at the beginning of the headline and then add a compelling title after it.

Example – Search Engine Optimization: 15 Tips for Rank your site in Google.

11. Use how to title format

How to type posts help people to achieve a specific desired outcome or specific question through a tutorial? When people need to find out something, they naturally type “How to …….?”, “Why …?” Then, as a result, you will display How to type titles and you able to click on those how to type result headlines on the search engines.

Example – How to Make Money from blogging?

Not only How to format, but you can also use What, Why, and When title formats to write powerful post headlines. So this type of post title helps you to be a success in the blog post title.

12. Use Reader addressing titles

By putting “You” or “Your” in the post titles, it makes a post more personal to the readers. Because of that they will click on your blog title and visit your site.

Example: Search Engine Optimization tips for rank Your site in Google 2020

13. Freshness

By adding the latest year to your blog headline, you can let people know straight away how fresh your content is and because of the harshness of blog headlines, people will click on your post titles.

14. Title case

By capitalizing on the first letter of most words in your post headline you can grab the attention of your readers to read your blog post content.

15. Use questions type headlines

Asking question type headlines is another great tactic that may help grab attention from people.

By using this type of headline, you can provide the answer directly to what people actually answer searching for?

Also, try to generate curiosity from your question type headline.

Example – Are You Making any of these 8 Common Content Write Mistakes?

It will generate a curious about content writing if you are a writer or blogger, then because of their curiosity, they click to visit your blog post to see what are the mistakes.

16. Add focus keyword to make easy to find searchers

Most of the bloggers do keywords research before they writing a blog post but some bloggers skip this step.

However, keywords are really helpful and important if you need to get long term traffic from SEO and ranking your site in the first pages of search engines.

When you add the keywords to your post title people will able to see your post easily.

Also, it will make easy to get natural links and social sharing because people discover your post through search engines because of Keywords. 

17. Use test negative headlines

Most of the headlines containing negative words such as “Never”, “Stop” perform better than the headlines without them.

You can use headlines with positive words, but using those you cannot perform very well because such headlines are overused. So you cannot get a better result than negative headlines by using positive headlines.

So come up with the better headline, you need to writing negative perspective headlines.

18. Reuse past winning headlines and use Google search console Data

If you have a good amount of blog posts in the past, then you can consider reusing headlines format that worked well in the past.

So always consider using the same headline format for the future.

By using your Google search data, you can get an idea about how to receive traffic for your site and posts? What are the words and post titles that people use to click on your blog posts? Then you can build powerful post headlines using the above data.

This method will help you to boost your traffic.

19. Use adjectives and Powerful words

Adjectives and power words such as Powerful, exclusive, Free, Limited, Tested, Expert, Ultimate, Easily, Superior, Easy, Complete, Little-known, Don’t miss out and etc. will help you to grab attention from our readers to click on your blog headlines within seconds.

In blogging you have to face high competition with other bloggers in your niche, so your post should not be an essay.

You can use adjectives, and powerful words to increase your click-through rate. Also, do not forget to have some fun with your blog post too.

20. Search for your competition headlines of other competitors’ articles.

When writing headlines, it is better to search Google for other similar articles to your post and see and get a better idea about what other headlines you are competing against.

By doing that you can some good ideas for developing your own headlines.

Always try to create a headline that is better than competing post titles and offer something different from others.

21. Analyze your blog title

You can analyze your blog post title by using free tools such as Headline Analyzer. That helps you to write headlines that drive thousand of traffics, shares and high rank in the search engines.

Those tools indicate overall score, word count and balance, power words, common words, sear preview, and headline length.

Those will help you to build a powerful headline.

22. Test your headlines

You can test your headlines by emailing newsletters to your email list about your new post.

Most newsletter programs such as Mail chimp allow you to test different types of emails when you send out emails about your new post to your email lists and then email the rest of your email list with the winning headline.

That will help you to find out which headline works best. Sometimes it can be shorter and simpler email, but sometimes it can be longer or detailed headlines.

Then you can get a better understanding of what is your audience really require and it allows you to write great headlines in the future.

Also, if you are using a WordPress blogging platform, there are a lot of plugging that help to test your headlines which is 100% right for you?

23. Write different post headlines for different channels

When blogging you have to reach your audience via different channels such as Search engines, Social media, directories, and etc. So it is not 100% necessary to have to be the same as your post headlines to share your post in social media.

You need to consider writing different headlines to target different channels to achieve your audience.

You can use different post headlines such as article title, SEO title, and Social media title to target different channels such as blog sites, Search engines, and Social media profiles.

To promote your post in social media it is not required to contain keywords like SEO title. So you can use the short and straight forward title in social media.

24. Make sure what you write is original

Anything that you write in blogging must be 100% original. It shouldn’t be duplicated or stolen thing.

As much as your post title is original and unique you can grab the attention of peoples and get visits to your blog post.

25. Write different and supportive sub-headlines

Do not fort to write sub-headlines in the blog post that support to your main post headlines.

That will make readers want to read each section in interesting ways and improve more engaging.

26. Use images to complement headlines

When you are promoting your headlines in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can publish your headlines with attractive images.

Images are one of the powerful tools to boost the success of your blog post headlines.

However, you should add images that strong visual clues and highly supportive of your post headlines. 

27. Get help from Blog post title generator tools

If writing a blog post title seems to be difficult for you, you can get help from post title generator tools to create a headline for your blog posts.

But it is not 100% recommended to 100% depend on blog title generator tools to create your blog title. You can get a better idea of using those tools.

The best blog post title generating tools

1.SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

2.HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

3.Tweak Your Biz title generator

4.Portent’s content idea generator



What is the best format to write headlines?

There is no a standard format to write post headlines. But you can use the below format to write powerful blog post titles to grab attention and visits from people.

Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

Final words – How to Write Headlines That Drive Traffic, Shares and Search Results

Never underestimate the power of a good headline/title. Headlines can make or break your success in blogging.

A catchy and powerful headline will drive thousands of traffics for your site, hundreds of social sharing and improve your search engine ranking.

Those above tips will help you to get some ideas on how to write headlines. This is one of the best parts to become a great blogger and success in the blogging journey.

Writing a post headline is not a simple thing. You need to cover a lot of factors between these few words.

If you access in writing post title, you will able to get a thousand views and optimize your blog SEO for the long-term.

I hope the above 26+ actionable tips for How to Write Headlines That Drive Traffic, Shares and Search Results will help you to win your readers and rank in google’s first pages. It will help you to be a success in your blogging journeys. And if you know more about 26+ actionable tips or have any suggestions please share with us in the comments section below.

Keshan Lge provides guides and Tips to Entrepreneurs for enhancing and simplifying their Online/Offline Business, Blogging, and SEO for business and being your own boss at your own business. was founded in Feb. 2018 by Keshan Liyanagama. I believe that knowledge should be free. So please, gain more knowledge through Bebizboss.


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