So, Are you Looking for Naming your brand new startup business?

Choose the best name and naming your Business is one of the most important and potentially challenging things for your newly startup business.

Naming your Business

Once you have selected to start your own business, you should choose a good name for it.

Is naming a Business is an easy task?

For some persons that can be a very easy but some of the others that can be a difficult and stressful process.

A business name is something more than just a word because it is a representation of your business as well as the brand.

The process of choosing a business name may be seeming like simple at first, but it is not a simple as you seem, there are many factors that play into creating a successful business name.   

08 Tips For Naming Your Startup Business

08 Tips For Naming Your Startup Business

For creating a business name, you can get support from your family members, Naming firms, and name generating tools.

However, specialized naming companies can charge thousands of dollars to finding the best name for you.

Importance of Choosing the Best Name for Your Business

The name of the Business is like laying the cornerstone of a building.

After you placed it, the entire Structure, Foundation, and the building are aligned on that based original stone. If it is off, the rest of the building is off.

Your entire future of the business and branding centralize your business name.

So choosing the best name for your business is vitally important for you.   

You should try to think of a name that would be impressive
and attract customers
. The name of your company should give a clue to your customers the product or services you are providing.

It provides a reason why they need to hire you. It can help you to save money from advertising.

A good business name helps your customers to remember your
business easily. That gain free publicity and help employees and others to remember what you are doing?

Good business name aid in the branding of your business. You are going to work with this name for the long term.

Your business name will help distinguish your business from other competitors. A good name can lift you above from your

Also, it can help you to reach new markets and easily open the
doors to future growth.

There are a lot of ways and tips for choosing a good name for your business. Those will help you to make the right decision to choose the right name for your business.

Complete Guide For Choosing a Great Business Name

The key to deciding your business name is to find a name that fits who you are and what your business is about?

Before you select a name for your business before you run out and get business cards, before you spend a single cent or a single minute on any kind of advertising or promotional effort, invest your time and effort in crafting a killer marketing message

                                                                                     – Ivana Taylor

How To naming your business?

Below tips will help you to choose the best name for your business.

Tips for Naming a Business

When naming a Business, the Below tips also can be introduced as the rules for naming a business.

01. Take Business Naming Seriously

Naming your business is a very serious matter.

Your choosing name can play an integral part in the branding, marketing and other activities of your company.

It represents and affects your image, brand, and position in the market. You have to work with your business name every time at every business activity in the long-term.

So be serious when naming your business.

02. Go back to the basics of the business idea.

Naming a business can be a complex process. To do it first you need to Go back to the basics of your business idea and reviewing the foundation of your business.

For that, you need to consider your business idea, your business plan, your mission statements, and your future branding and marketing proposition.

Especially think about your target audience and competitors.

Start to create a list of written guidelines and answer by yourself during the naming process. Some questions can guide you to choose a good name for your business.

  1. What message do you want to symbolize through your business name?
  2. What are your priorities for your business name?
  3. What do you want people to feel and think when they see your business name?
  4. What is your business structure?
  5. Will your business name use a related abbreviation such as Inc. or LLC?
  6. What are the names of your competitions?
  7. What do you like and dislike about your competitor’s business names?
  8. Does the length of the name matter? Then you need a short or long business name?

03. Conduct a brainstorming session and make a Name list

Once you have abbreviated the guidelines for how to choosing your business name, now it is time to think creatively.

In this stage you can more creative and free-thinking, then you may able to generate more ideas and names.

You can do brainstorming with your family members or friends or just with yourself. Then you can get many business ideas.

During the Brainstorming, keep your guidelines always in your mind and be more creative.

You can start a brainstorming using common ways such as rain dumping, List making, mind mapping, and word association.

Also, find if domain names are available for similar to your business name.

see how to find the best domain name and how to register your domain name?

Conducted the Brainstorming and create a long list of names.

04. Give it some time

Now it is time to review and analyze your list of the name list. Go to your list and remove any non-contenders’ names, to sort and long names, similar names.

Also, start to mark the names that resonate with you. This process will be taking a few time periods.

Do not stop creating names for business at that period. Create new best possible names and repeat that process.  

Shortlist your name list to the best possible choices, then walk away and take a break.

let your idea percolate for a few days.

Come back after a day and start your name review process again. You must be careful with this process because choosing a name for your business is a huge decision.

The final results will stay with you for the longest period. If you do not satisfied with your possibilities, start Brainstorming process again.

05. Choose the best name for your business

You can choose the best business name from your Shortlist
best possible name choices, before choosing the best business name you need to consider about below qualities.

When choosing the best domain name for your business, always remember the below keys to create and choose the best business

Keys to remember when choosing the best name for your business

  1. The name should be Unique
  2. Must include the relevant information to business
  3. Shorter names are better
  4. Make it memorable
  5. Make it pronounceable
  6. Should be easy to spell
  7. Make it descriptive
  8. Should be brandable
  9. Mash-ups – use two or more meaningful words. But the name should be short and simple
  10. Not use hyphens
  11. Domain and .com extension availability
  12. Get inspiration from mythology and literature
  13. Use some foreign words
  14. Use your own name if you are not convenient with other names.
  15. Take a look at a map and decide good names such as Adobe, Amazon, and Fuji
  16. Use some Latin words
  17. Look at your product from another angle
  18. Make a grammar mistake on purpose – it can be risky but you can be coming up with new names.
  19. Pick words from the dictionary
  20. Name want to be web-friendly
  21. Think beyond the local or geographic area
  22. Must be easy for customers to find in directories and listings

Apply five qualities of “SMILE” standard

What is SMILE standard?

Your business Name should be Simple, Meaningful, creates Imagery, has Legs and evokes, Emotional respond or Suggestive, Memorable, Imagery, Legs and Emotional.

If you can apply most of these standards, you can have a Business name that resonates with potential customers.

Apply Seven deal breakers of name SCRATCH standard

If Business name includes Spelling-challenged, Copycat, Restrictive, Annoying, Tame, Curse of Knowledge and Hard to Pronounce. 

Business name with any of these characteristics will turn off potential customers and may affect future promotions and sales.

What is the SCRATCH standard?

Spelling– Challenged, it looks like a typo

Copycat – It is similar to competitors’ name

Restrictive – It limits future growth

Annoying – It is forced or frustrates customers

Tame – It is flat, undescriptive or uninspired

Curse of Knowledge – Only insiders get it

Hard to Pronounce – It is not obvious or is unapproachable

06. Testyour Business name

Make sure your business name is Able to spell and pronounce it and Name sounds are good over mouth or phone.

It is not confusing

Has a domain URL that works with it? Purchase a domain and start a web site with your business name

Ask people what the name means to them, and Ask your staff or friends is it memorable

For the test, your business name you can get support from your family members, friends, Naming firms and Name generate tools. If you need, you can hire a market research company.

07. Check availability

When choosing a business name, you want to check and make sure your business name is already available and it is not an already business name or trademark of any other business.

If you choose a name that infringes on another competitor’s or company’s copyright, you could receive a cease and desist letter and have to go to court.

Also, you have to change your using business name after months or even years.

So before choosing the business name and registering it is better to do research and check if yours choose a name is available for use by another company.

It is better to run several series of google and other search engines, patent and trademark data to make sure your desired business name already not use by another business.

Not only a business name, buy a domain name that similar to your business name too. Then you can start your own web site to promote your business and its products.

If your domain name is not available, you need to use an abbreviation, hyphens or use alternate top-level domain extinction or it is better to move down to the next best name in name possibility list if only there is a better domain name available.

08. Register and Protect your brand name

Already you have chosen the best available business name.

Now you have to register your business name and business.

If you have a Sole Proprietorships, and Partnerships should register their business name in their state or country clerk and get a Business registration certificate (BR).  

If you have a Corporative company or limited liability company, and limited partnerships typically need to register your company in the appropriate state office with formation paperwork.

Get copyright protection for your business name, which will gain the ability to prevent future business from using it.

Also, register your business name for trademarks too.

09. Prevent from Common business naming mistakes

If you choose the wrong name that can create issues and negative affect later, so you should avoid Common business naming mistakes such as below when choosing the name for your business.

10. When choosing a business name, you should avoid the following names

  1. Complicated names
  2. The name should not be complicated. When promoting your business, it can be difficult to explain your business name to each and every customer.
  3. Confusing names
  4. You should not choose a confusing name. If the business name implies you sell a different product, then you will confuse your potential customers. If instance if you name your company ‘Milky Way’ and sell hardware, textile or poison it will confuse your customers
  5. slanging or jargoning names
  6. Use slang or jargon that will become outdated quickly. Words can go out of fashion very soon.
  7. Too literal and fancy names
  8. Names with unusual spelling
  9. Same name to the competitors

The following words and phrases which often mislead the public are
prohibited by law.

The word ‘Limited’ must not be used unless your business is properly incorporated and registered.

The words suggesting national or international pre-eminence, for example, London, Cambridge, American, British, International, etc.

Words that suggest the business has a specific size or status (society, group, etc.)

Choosing a business name for the business can be a long process. Also for choosing a great business name, it takes a long time too. However, this time can be the best and worth investment for your business.

As soon as you choose the name for your business it is better to start your branding and promotional activities by targeting your target market.

Free Business Name Generators – naming your Business

By using Free or paid Business Name Generators you can generate or get an idea for the best Business name.

Below are some Free Business Name Generators.

As soon as you choose a better name for you Buy a domain name for similar to your business name.

01. NameMesh – visit

02. Anadea Business Name Generator

03.Wordlab Business Name Generator

04.Business Name Generator – Visit

05.Dot O Mator Name Generator – Visit


09.Shopify Business Name Generator

After completed the naming your business, you can create a logo for your business and create a slogan for your business. Then you can start your business branding activities.

I hope the above Complete step by step Guide for naming your business will help you to choose the best name for your business. And if you have any problem or know more about naming your Business? please share with us in the comments section below.  

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