RapidWorkers is a crowdsource service with to more than 100,000 Workers.


RapidWorkers helps individuals, small businesses and professionals to create low cost publicity and marketing campaigns to increase sales, better ranking, backlinks and much more…


RapidWorkers Review – Get Paid To Micro Tasks


What is Rapidworkers.com ?

Rapidworkers is about connecting people who need something done fast at low costs (Employers) with users who want to help and have a chance to make some quick money (Workers).

Rapidworkers combining Workers and Employers to minimize publicity and marketing costs while at the same time providing money to everyday users.

How do you get paid?

Workers get paid when their Employer rates the task submitted as “satisfied“. When a Worker logs into their account, they can check the status of various tasks they have submitted.

If a task is marked “not satisfied” by the Employer, Worker will not get paid.

Workers can withdraw earned money through PayPal , it can takes up to 8 business days to process your payment (Withdraws are done manually).


What are the fees?


1- Deposit: Paypal fees (Example 10$ deposit after fees is about 9.31$)


2- Start a New Campaign $0.75 plus 7% fee


3- Withdraw fees is 6% Paypal



Withdraws from Rapidworkers:


Minimum Payout  is $8


Payments are sent via PayPal ONLY


Payments are processed (Maximum 1 week after placing a withdrawal request)

Only 1 member per Paypal account

Withdraw site fee is 6% for Paypal (Note that Paypal may take off other fees.)


Pros and Cons


– Easy to use

– Always more than 100 jobs available

– Good amount of tasks can be done per day (this is because you can submit jobs as long as your success rate is above 60%, unlike on other websites where it needs to be above 75%)

– Many of the jobs are pretty simple and don’t require much time

– Minimum for withdrawal is 8$




– The website has issues with Chrome browser

– Payments per task are really low (for example visit and click tasks on picoworkers pays 0.04 $ and on rapidworkers 0.02 $)

– Some of the tasks require a lot from workers but pay a really small amount of money

– Most of the higher paying jobs are for USA only

– Only withdrawal method is Paypal

 – No referral program



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