Have you ever wonder What to do after you publishing a new blog post on your site to drive more traffic, sharing and search results?

Would you think after the hit the publish button it’s all over, People will click on your post title and okay with reading your full blog post?

Then, sorry my friend, you are wrong.

There are a lot of Things To Do After Publishing a New Blog Post.

Then, let see What are the Things To Do After Publishing A New Blog Post In 2020.

Things To Do After Publishing a New Blog Post
20+ Things To Do After Publishing a New Blog Post

There are a lot of quality blog posts go to waste easily because the blogger or writer didn’t understand What should they need to do after publishing their blog post and how content marketing works and use?

They think their post automatically become search engine first page and easily drive traffic, sharing, and search result for them as soon as only hitting the publish button.

For writing a quality blog post it requires putting so much effort and time into writing your blog post.

So it is better to take another few extra minutes to make it ready to change the game. Those few minutes will help you to bring success for another year.

Writing a blog post is not a simple thing. There is a lot of things even small or big, to successfully complete to get a successful blog post.

Already we discuss,

Things that you need to complete before publishing a blog post.

Such as,

It is necessary to make massive and powerful readers for your blog site after publishing your blog post.

Also, you need to improve your blog post SEO too. Then Give it some time. It will help your blog post to build its own place among the millions of pages on the internet.

This will help you to reach a large audience and increase traffic, sharing, SEO and many more.

To be successful in your blogging journey, you need to be a Designer, Content creator, Editor, SEO specialist, Marketer and more!

If you need to grow your blog engaging, sharing, traffic, search results, you need to do a few but most important things before clicking the publish button as well as after clicking the publish button on the blog post.

What Are The Things To Do After Publishing a New Blog Post?

 This is a to-do list that after you publish a blog post on your blog.

It will help you to make sure your content gets maximum traffic and exposure.

01.Reread the post (Second Proofread)

Yes. Already you have done one proofreading before published your blog post.

However, it is better to do second proofreading after you hit the publish button because there can be some errors when you add your writing content, adding images and many more while publishing your post.

So reread or second proofread will help you to find mistakes somewhere in the post after you published it.

That will help to error-free our content and improve the credibility of your content.

02. Tell the search engines about your new post

Most of the search engines such as Google, Bing, will eventually enlist your latest blog post even if you do not do anything until their crawls indexing the next scheduled date.

Search engines do not index your site as soon as you publish the new blog post. It takes a little time for it.

That waiting period is not safe for your bog content especially t is a popular blog.

Most of the content thieves, copy-paste your blog content and repost in their blog site as their content.

If their copy paste blog posts are indexing by google or search engines before indexing your post content, your content becomes duplicate content and thieves copy paste content become original content. That will be harmful to your site ranking.

So it is very important to let search engines index your posts as soon as those published. It will regularly index after a few days, but it is better to fast up that process.

So as soon as you hit the publish button and second round of proofreading the very first thing to do is tell the search engines about your new post content on your blog site.

How do you tell the search engines about this?

It simply called “PING.”

You can follow the below 02 methods to PING.

01. If you are using a static sitemap, you need to rebuild a sitemap after you publish the new post.

For that, you need to include a link to the new post and re-submit your sitemap to the search engines. This is the best method to get the update automatically if your sitemap is not updated automatically.

02. You can PING your new content using some pinging service that free of cost on the internet such as Ping-O-Matic.

You can use the easy and fastest method among the above two methods.

03.Link to old posts (interlinking)

You need to insert links to new content from relevant old posts.

Interlinking helps you to encourage your readers to more explore your blog content, also, it helps for building site architecture that boosts your SEO.

There are two methods to interlinking your content.

1. Link older blog posts on your blog site with your new blog post on appropriate keywords and places

2. Edit your old content and link it to the new content you just published.

Your links should come from appropriate, quality articles and proper keywords only.

This gives your readers more information about helpful titles and keeps them on your site for the long-term.

04. Add questions at the end to encourage discussion

People use the internet to search for answers to their questions. If they can find the right answers from your site, they will keep InTouch with your site. Also, they will share your content with others.

You need to hearing people’s perspectives and answering questions that people asked and search.

By starting to add an open-ended question at the end of each post, you can start to build a better conversation with your readers.

By asking questions at the end of the post, it encourages people to comment and engage with your blog post.

Ask a question is one of the “calls to action” to engaging with your blog content.

05. Make sure your post is SEO-tactic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute must and should not be ignored thing.

By applying the right SEO methods, you can grow your search results, Traffic and blog income opportunities because SEO will help to drive search engines peeps to your blog site.

As well as when writing the blog post, after publishing the blog post you need to keep improving your blog SEO.

For that, it is better to do some SEO audits and keep improving your post SEO after publishing your blog post.

06. Pin your post images to Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms that help to bring more visits than other social media. So it is better to pin your post image into Pinterest.

If you haven’t a Pinterest account yet for your blog start a Pinterest profile today because it is one of the leading social media.

As soon as you have renamed and write ALT Tags of all your images in your blog post with relevant keywords, you need to pin the images directly from your blog site onto Pinterest.

Then, you need to create a Pinterest board specifically for your blog, which only shares pins from other sources. Pin your blog post images onto that board first.

Then, after a few days, pin them onto other relevant boards.

07.Post Twitter and Facebook

Facebook and Twitter are the most powerful and leading social media today. There are millions of audiences you can reach within one touch. However, you need to find the right audience for sharing your blog content.

That will help you to increase the engagements and traffic for your blog content.

It is highly recommended to add attractive images that help to explain your blog post. Also, do not forget to add #Hashtags for boosting your reach level.

When posting your article on Facebook and Twitter, add a quick sentence that explain the main benefits and what about your post?

 On Facebook, you can share your post to specific communities that related to your niche market.

However, on Twitter you cannot write sentences like Facebook, In Twitter, your writing description limited to characters.

So try to write a short and sweet description that explains the benefits of your sharing post. In Twitter, it is important to use one or two #Hashtags, but do not overdo.

A few of hashtags will help you to double your post engagements.

In twitter, it is very important to study Twitter trending. It will help to understand what are the trending things and important hashtags.

08.Post in Reddit and Quora

Reddit and Quora are the biggest forums. It is an internet’s home for hipsters and geeks. You can get a thousand traffic from posting those forums.

There are specific audiences for each possible niches in Reddit. Those audiences are addicted to those sites. So they always keep in touch with their threads.

By posting those treads you can generate millions of traffic for your post. But to achieve that success, that posting content should be super quality and valuable to read.

If your content is great, you can easily get referenced, and thousand of traffics for your site.

Quora is also a forum with thousands of internet users who looking for an answer to their questions. As well as ask questions, you can provide answers for questions and publish posts on your quora blog page.

In quora, you can add site links to your writing content.

Also, most of the questions and answers on quora support for display on search engines high ranks.

If you write quality content without spamming, you can get a thousand views from quora and search engines.

09. Share in other relevant Social Media Networks

As well as Facebook and Twitter, it is important to share your post on other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, Tumblr, Snapchat and other social media sites that might beneficial to you.

Build your audience in social media and provide value through your content that post in there without spamming.

That will help to build a strong, fixed audience for your blog posts and drive thousands of traffic for your site.  

10. Repost your post for social media in several more times

It is better to repost your blog posts on social media platforms several times, between a regular time period.

It will help you to increase the post reach, people engaged and traffic both social media and blog site.

11. Send Post alerts to email subscribers

After you finish publishing your blog post, make sure to send a new post notification to your email subscribers.

This is the best method to get some immediate traffic to the blog post as soon as you publish it.

You need to share only a little information from the published post in the newsletter and include a link to your post that readers can access the pot easily and quickly from email.

Use powerful and attractive words to call-to-action.

You can send new post notifications and newsletters to your subscribers that help you to increase traffic and engagements, but do not Spam your readers’ inbox.

If not, they will unsubscribe you without thinking twice.

12. Ask your team, friends, and others to share it

You can occasionally ask your key contacts such as Your team, friends, family members, and others to share your blog posts on their favor with their friends and audience.

But never being irritating them to share your content.

However, just make sure that sharing the audience is relevant to your niche and add value to the audience.

13.Advertise in social media campaigns and Ad Networks

Most bloggers only share their posts on social media. But smart bloggers create “evergreen” social media campaigns to bring traffic for the long-term.

What is an evergreen campaign?

An evergreen campaign is a series of social media updates that constantly recycle themselves.

So instead of just sharing your post a few times and calling it a day, then your post gets promoted over and over again, on autopilot.

For that, you can use a tool called, MeetEdger.

14.Respond to comments

If your posts receive any comments, make an effort to respond to them as soon as possible, especially if people have asked questions or any extra thoughtful.

Make sure to answer questions to your best ability.

Respond for blog comments is a great way to build a strong readership, conversations, more engagements, and friendships.

Also, it will help you to know your audience well and easily connect with them and make your audience feel valued about you and your blog.

15.Comment on other blogs

This is another good thing to do after publishing your blog post.

You can leave comments on other relevant blog sites. It is all about engaging with real people other people. So always provide a value for other people and your comment without scammy link building.

16.Comment on a Commenter’s blog

This is another highly recommended strategy for new bloggers to take a few extra time to reach out to the people who are commenting on your blog and other relevant blog sites.

17. Answer the burning questions on Reddit, Quora, and other forums

There are a lot of forums such as Reddit, Quora and etc. Those platforms allow internet users to discuss their different types of problems and others to provide answers for asking questions.

Most people serf these kinds of sites to find answers to their problems.

When answering questions, you can add your site links which helpful for solving the problem without scamming.

After reading the answers and solve the problems, people will click on your site to know more details that help to solve their problem.

By using those methods, you can generate a thousand traffic for your site.

18.Hunting for Backlinks

If you need to rank your post on google’s first page, You have to work hard and show your post is worthy of their (Search engines) page one.

This is one of the best Things To Do After Publishing a New Blog Post.

For that, you need to build quality backlinks from high-quality sources in your niche. This indicates search engines that your post is also high- quality by association.

If you are done a competition analysis related to your post title, you can identify all of the highest-ranking blog posts has lots of links from other blog sites. That is why they rank in higher.

So you need to find other related blog owners who might want to link to you by doing google searches.

19. Check the analytics of your post to see how much engagement it received

As a hobby, it is better to check your Google Analytics account data in daily basics and compare it with past data.

This will help you to see and check which posts received the most page views from which traffic sources.

These statistics can tell about how much engagement received for your blog posts. By deep analyzing, you can identify which types of posts your audience loves and not really care for.

Then you can use these data to more improvements for your existing data as well as future posts. It can be your game-changer.

Use plugin such as Analitify to study the Google analytic data page-wise.

20.Update and refresh blog content in regularly

You need to update your blog content on a regular basis. You can add the latest updated content, Solutions, tips and tutorials, products, and many more.

After finish the update, you need to add the last modify day of publishing your post. It will improve the credibility of your content and the trust of your reader to your blog content.

It will help you to keep updating in search engines and improve your site SEO results.

Bonus tips

21.Schedule social sharing

Most of the people share their posts only once or twice after it is published. But it is most important to do more share after you published your blog post and you shouldn’t just stop sharing the blog posts after its first day.

It can be difficult for you to keep in touch and share blog posts multiple times after published your post. For that, you can get a few plugins to help to schedule your blog post on regular basics.

Conclusion – Things To Do After Publishing a New Blog Post

All of the above tips require time and hard and smart work as well as a lot of patience.

Then, it will help to maximize the value of each blog post that you published.

The above list will help your blog post to build its own strong place on the internet and getting traffic from search engines such as Google and social media.

It will help you to generate interest among the correct audience from the beginning.

What happens When you publish a blog post?

When publishing a blog post, it usually goes viral and lives on your blog right away. Also, your latest published post appears at the top of your blog’s homepage and search engine crawlers index your post the next time they visit your blog.

What are the things to do after publishing a new blog post?

There are several things to do after publishing your blog post such as, re-read, share in social media, study analytical data, respond to comments and many more.

Why do I need to do these things after publishing a new blog post?

Those things will help you to go viral on your site in search engines such as Google, Bing. That will help to bring traffic, social sharing and more engagement with your blog content.

I hope the above 20+ things to do after publishing a new blog post will help you to make a specific place on the internet drive traffic and search results and be successful in your blogging journeys. And if you know more about things to do after publishing a new blog post or have any suggestions please share with us in the comments section below.

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