Are you struggling about how to write a blog post?

So, Are you looking for ideas and tips for writing a blog post and simplify your blog content written process?

Tips for writing a blog post
34 Tips for Writing a Blog Post That Converts

Have you ever wish to erase your published blog posts from the internet that wrote in the first half of your blogging journey?

Most of the people think that because they haven’t an idea about how to write blog content and what are the tips for attracting readers to your blog posts.

34 Actionable Tips for Writing a Blog Post That Converts

Below are mention 34 actionable tips for writing a blog post that people will actually read and share.

01. Know your audience and what they looking are for

Before start writing our blog posts, it is very important to know about your audience and know about what they are looking for?

Without any guessing what your audience want or looking for, we highly recommend you to make data-driven decision by doing proper niche research and competitor analysis.

I think already you have collected data from your niche market research to pick the niche market for blogging or online business.

You can use this data to get an idea about your audience.

However, don’t worry. There are a lot of resources out there that you can use to collect data. Such as Ubersuggest,, Twitter Advanced search, Twitter/Instagram hashtags, SEMRush, Quora, Reddit.

You can get major help from Keyword research tools to know your audience and know what are they actually searching via the internet.

02. Address a specific audience

You should target a particular audience from your blog post.

So before start writing content, decide who you are going to address/sell and what are you addressing/selling? Target their specific needs and address for those needs, mention what are the benefits from your post.

For that, you need to know your audience and what are they looking are for?

03. Build an idea/title list

Before writing blog content and as soon as you start a blog site you need to build an idealist for write blog posts in the future according to your niche.

If you need to come up with great blog content, you need to come up with great ideas.

When you are thinking about what to write about, you can pick a suitable blog title from that idealist.

04. Prepare an outline and plan your post

You need to prepare a short note about your post outline and plan your blog post.

Taking a few minutes will save hours in the future.

Identify your main points in your post.

Dig deeper your main points. List your main point and start adding sub-points that support evident and supporting points. Concentrating questions that might come from the points of view of your readers.

This is not about starting writing a blog post, it is about planning how to write your blog post?

Prepare a profer outline and planning of your blog post is one of the best tips among other tips for writing a blog post

05. Write powerful and catchy headlines

Headlines are the first impression of your site or blog posts for your audience.

When people searching answers to their questions via the internet, Headlines are the first impression for your readers as well as search results.

Also, more than 90% of readers will attention only to the post headlines such as judge a book by its cover and if they familiar with that headlines and meta descriptions, they will visit your site otherwise they will ignore your post headline and visit your competitor’s site.

If you have a powerful and catchy headlines, people will visit your site and they will read and share it. Your blog title will be crucial for the success of your blog post.

Add your focus keyword into the headline.

You can use tools such as EMV headline analyzer and and Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule to measure and improve your headlines.

  • Get attract to the attention of the reader include information such as numbers, descriptive adjectives and a call to action.
  • Make your headlines unique, make the readers feel a sense of urgency and address the reader’s specific needs.
  • Give readers a sense of urgency from your headlines.
  • Convey how reading the blog post can help your readers to answer their questions.
  • Write between 50-60 characters’ headlines.
  • Use only one H1 main headline in the blog post

06. Add sub-headlines to support your main headline

Do not write your blog posts as one paragraph. It will be hard to read and people will be boring to read and leave your site as soon as they enter your blog post.

You need to break your post content into sub-headlines. That will make it easy for the readers’ eyes to read your post easily and clearly.

Also, make support those sub-headlines to your main post title. It will help to make powerful your blog posts as well as make easy to improve your post SEO too.

Sub headlines should be H2 and sub-sub headlines should be H3.

07. Optimize your post format

We already discuss how to choose the blog format to write your blog content, now you need to optimize your post format.

Readers have to read a wall of text, that should be boring for them. So you need to optimize your blog post format to keep their attention, interest, and curiosity until the end.

  • Put the most important information “above the fold” that at the page dawn, it should be included in the first half of the post.
  • Break up to the sub-headlines
  • Use bullets and number list
  • Add images
  • Use quotes to add interested or important sentences
  • Use white space to increase the focus 

08. Grab readers with your first sentence

After people clicking on your post headline, they will redirect to your blog post. At the fist the read about your first sentence. 

As well as your headlines lead people to read your blog post, the first sentence of your blog post leads readers to read your whole blog post.

So you need to use your first sentence to make easy to grab the interest of your readers o scroll down and read your full blog post.

09. Add content table

You can add a content table at the beginning of your blog post. It will make sense what topics are included in the blog posts and make easy to quick access by clicking one click on that table.

It will improve your site interlinks too. That will make friendly your blog post content to readers as well as search engines.

10. Add a Featured image

If you need a positive response from your readers, you need to have a catchy post.

For that you can add an eye-catching featured image to your post rather than your post image can be a great way to get more visits, more clicks, engagements, shares, and call to actions.

11. Know what you want to write about

Before you start writing your first word, you have to know and get a clear idea about what you want to do and what you have done?

If you have an idea of what you write, you can enjoy a blog written without any issues.

12. Write as you talk

Try for writing your post content like you are talking to your readers. It will make them feel like they are having a great conversation with you, rather than reading text content.

They will feel like you help them to solve their problems by one-to-one talk. This will help you to build a loyal readership on your blog.

13. Be useful and informative

If you add useful and informative information in your blog content, People will have interested to read your post and you can get repeat traffic from your readers.

14. Add value and unique content

Your post content should be adding value for your readers, also need to write unique blog content into your blog post that different from your competitors.

That will help you to bring more traffic to your site. Also, search engines such as Google, Bing are motivating valuable and unique information to improve your post SEO and site ranking.

15. Use Bullet and Number lists

To make your post content more user-friendly, you need to make sure to highlight your best information.

As well as sub-headlines, bullet lists and number lists are perfect to highlight your information such as important points, advantages, and disadvantages, information lists because they are more easy to skim through.

Below are some tips for how to use bullet points or number lists that people will actually read.

  • Keep bullets symmetrical. 1-2 Lines each
  • Express clean benefits
  • Do not write paragraphs in bullets. Keep short and sweet
  • Bullets are not sentences. They are just like headlines

16. One sentence should only cover one idea

A clean one sentence should cover one main idea that easy to understand.

But most of the writers add too many ideas for one sentence. That can be lead to the complex sentence that confuses your reader.

People visit your site because they need to find answers to their questions from quickly understanding simple sentences. They do not care about others such as your written prowess.

If your site feels confuses and boring to read, your readers will exit from your site immediately.

So, write only a simple one sentence for easy to get a clear idea.

You can get help from the Hemingway site to simplify your post content.

17. Do not forget to add images

Human brains are interest in processes visual content a lot faster than text-based content. That is why you need to add images to your blog posts. It helps to boost readers’ engagement with blog content.

However, you should be careful when choosing the images for your blog posts. You have to be more careful about your chosen images copyrights.

You can pick copyright-free images from free image sites such as, and If you can spend a few dollars to get high-quality premium stock photos, use

Use to edit your images.

18. Add FAQ structure content

You can add the FAQ section for your blog post by adding questions and issues that your readers may have.

This will help you to answer your readers by one sentence as well as help to improve SEO and rank your site in Search engines.

19. Optimize for SEO

SEO will help you to visible your site in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you can do it very well, you can easily rank your blog site and content in Google search on the first page.

SEO helps you to drive the huge number of traffic for your blog site from search engines without paying a lot of money for advertising.

You can follow the below tips to improve your site SEO.

  • Submit your site to search engines
  • Add your focus keyword to post headline
  • Add proper metadata
  • Optimize your post for a focus keyword
  • Use related keywords to support your focus keyword
  • Add proper images ALT attribute (Use focus keyword)
  • Keep your keyword density about 2% over your entire post.
  • Interlink with your other posts
  • Add FAQ structure content
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Add SEO plugins such as Yoast, RankMaths

20. Add a clear call to action (feedback)

You can ask your readers to give their feedback for your blog content. You can ask them to leave a comment, share your post, follow on social media, purchase your product and make sure to clearly state what you would like then to do after rad your blog content.

You can encourage discussion or sales by ending your blog post with a call to action.

Add social sharing, leave comments, email list signups, Purchase product and lead generation.

21. Capture readers’ attention and keep it

Grabbing the reader’s attention can be hard for most bloggers as well as keeping that captured attention till the end of the post can be also hard.

But if you can capture readers’ attention and keep it until the end of the post, you will win.  

For that, you can ask questions, that readers help to solve their questions. The most powerful type of question method is “Yes questions”.

For that put yourself in your readers’ role and think about how they would answer your questions.

22. Take a break

Before you publish or submit our final draft, it is highly recommended to walk away from your laptop and take a break. Forgetting about what you write there.

Then come back after a few hours or day, read your post content and discover errors, grammar mistakes, and new creative content and edit your post to the final draft or publish your post.

23. Proofreading

Never hurry to hit the “Publish” button as soon as you finished writing a post. After taking a break you need to give your fresher eyes your written content.

If you identify errors, mistakes, and more improvement requirements, you need to fix those at this proofreading.

Double-check your post content before publishing it. Also, you need to give your attention to the credibility of content, mistakes, grammar mistakes, and clarity of your information.

For proofreading, you can use tools such as,, and

24. Write Topic relevant content

From beginning to end of your blog post, your content and every point should be relevant to your blog topic.

25. Do not limit your word count

You must write more than 600 words per post to be successful. You can write a blog post without any limits.

If you can write more than 2000 words per post that will be great but do not write too many long posts more than 4000 words.

26. Add categories and tags

When publishing your blog post, it should be fit into a sensible and relevant blog category and tags.

27. Be yourself

Be yourself when blogging will help you to be successful in your content written as well as your blog journey. By being yourself you can build your own brand and uniqueness.

Not only above, by being yourself you can enjoy what are you doing? You can be different and unique in your own blog writing.

28. Use the proper URL structure

If you can appear your focus keyword on your URL, that can be important to improve your SEO.

Keep it short and add the target URL. This is not important for readers’ experience; it is important for search engines.

29. Get feedback

Let other persons such as friends, family member or team members read your blog post before you publish your blog post.

Then, you can get feedback from those people and review your blog post content. Do edits for your content according to their feedback.

Also, respond to blog comments.

30. Write a conclusion at the end

After you finish writing your blog post, you can write a conclusion about your blog post within a few words. This will help people to get an idea about the whole blog post from your conclusion.

When you writing a conclusion, you need to keep it simple, leave things open such as ask readers questions openly, and add your final thoughts at the end.

31. Publish Your Post

If your blog post is errors and mistakes free, well SEO optimized and above all requirements are completed you can publish your post.

32. Add author bio

As well as a blog post, readers interested to know who wrote this post and his role at your blog site. It will also help to increase the credibility of your content.

So, be sure to add your name, title and ways to contact you.

33.Promote your content

As well as publish the content you need to publish your content to be your blog post more successful. You can use social media, newsletters, ad networks, sponsor posts, and reviews and etc. to promote your blog post.

This will help you to bring your post to your audience and get views as well as get feedback about your blog post content.

34. Link to your other related posts and valuable external resources

You can add other related post links with your blog post. It will help readers to find another related post from your site.

It will help you to increase your internal page visits and improve your SEO. There are a lot of plugins that help to add related posts to your blog post.

Also, add valuable external resources and external links with your post. Adding external links not affect your SEO ranking. But do not add too many links. It will reduce your blog SEO quality. But link your site with valuable external links only.

I hope the above 34 Actionable Tips for Writing a Blog Post That Converts will help you to convert your readers to read and share your blog posts and you to be a success in your blogging journey. And if you know more about tips for writing a blog post or have any suggestions please share with us in the comments section below. 

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