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Today we discuss 16 ways to make money blogging.

Make Money From blogging

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How To Make Money From Blogging – 16 Ways To Make Money Blogging

Everyone has a dream to earn money without limited.

Most people need to be their own boss in their own business and say Goodbye to work under another one and achieve unlimited income with your own effort.

Many people would like to work from home and make money.

However, it is not an easy and quick “Get Rich Quickly” schemes.

If you are looking for how to make money blogging using the blog site as a tool to create a sustainable business with regular income over the next 4-5 years (Not Quickly), then this for you.

Yes, it will get a few months or years to be a success and make an unlimited income.

However, if you are blogging to make money and “Get rich quick schemes”, then you are in the wrong place.

There are no quick and easy methods to get rich. You have to do a lot of works and efforts to succeed in what you are doing, however, it will get a few long times.

Also, there are few secrets to success in making money online.

In blogging, you can earn money online by doing what you love. You can run your blog from home and make money from your home.

There is no limit on how much money you can earn. It is unlimited. But the amount of your earning will be deciding on your work.

Then, fire up your laptop and ready to working where you want, when you want and what you want? If you succeed in blogging and make money online you will be able to make money while you sleep or traveling around the world.

If you are running your popular blog successfully, you just only need to know how to monetize your blog in the right way to make money.

Below methods will help you to know how to make money online with your blog and to turn your blog into an income-generating machine with multiple different income streams.

How to Make money from blogging?

Below make money from blogging methods can be applicable for every kind of niches. But there will be little differences according to the niche.                                                       

10  profitable Ways to make money blogging

The below methods will help you to make money blogging. But the way to make money from blogging depends on your niche market. So be aware of it.

Also, read Secrets to make money online to boost your earning.

01. Use Google AdSense ads

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to start monetizing and make money from blogging. That is one of the dreamy money earning methods among most bloggers.

So I give its own category to make money from blogging.

That is one of the most profitable and easiest methods to make money from blogging. You can get start with it as there is no traffic minimum.

But the Approval of your site to Google AdSense can be difficult. Because they follow a strict policy to give approval.

To get approval easily, your site must be fulfilled with their Google AdSense Policy.

AdSense has effective and profitable PPC ads for bloggers and web owners.

Only you have to do, after the approval display Google advertisements on your blog sidebar, top, bottom, and inside or between the posts. Whenever the visitor on your blog clicks on an ad, they will pay for it.

For getting more income you need your own domain, Quality, and responsive web site and speed hosting.

Your income depends on the traffic of your blog generated. For that, you need to improve your site SEO to get the best results. 

However, always keep in mind that you will be penalized if you click on the ads on your blog or ask others to click on those ads or break their AdSense Policy because Google knows everything.

02. Sell advertising spaces (Banner ads) or Join on Ad Networks

Sell advertising spaces or Join on Ad Networks is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money from blogging.

That is the most popular make money blogging method. However, that needs a few traffic for your site.

That is one of the most popular endpoints of settling on display advertisements.

Ad Networks

AdSense is also an ad network but it is not your only option. There are a lot of Ad Networks such as,

Only you have to do, Join one of the trusted and famous Ad Network. Then enter your site URL and copy ads codes and paste on your blog header, sidebar, bottom and middle or between the posts. You receive the income based on the number of impressions or/and clicks on the ads. If your site gets more traffic you can get more income.

However, keep in mind, it is a great way to make money from blogging but it trends to have a much lower payout than other methods and AdSense.

Also, Most of the Ad Networks required a huge amount of traffic for approving and earning can different from traffic geography.

Sell advertising spaces directly (Banner ads)

If you are not interested in Ad Networks, you can sell your ad space or promote your own design ad banners.

Sometimes if you have quality traffic you can make income more than Ad Networks. You can charge a fee or price and give the opportunity to brands, advertisers or partnerships to advertise banner ads directly in your site for a certain time period.

That fee or charge will be your income from your blog.

For that, you can get support from WordPress Plugin such as AdRotate and Ads Pro Plugin

03. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular methods to make money from blogging.

If you are done well, you can generate huge revenue and a few times later it can become a very passive income source for you.

With affiliate marketing, you have to promote another advertiser’s product or services or its links in your site and when a visitor clicks through to their site and purchase what you promoted, you received a commission.

You can earn a flat-rate commission for each click and purchase.

Some popular affiliate programs are,

Except for the above affiliate programs most of the Hosting provides and domain providers such as Namecheap, Bluehost, Wix, SEMRush and etc.

Also, provide an affiliate income for bloggers to promote their products.

You can join and promote different affiliate programs and products on the same blog site.

However, tracking affiliate links can be a little bit difficult. So use a plugin such as Thirsty Affiliate to manage your affiliate links.

The most important point is you have to find the right businesses and products that perfectly match your niche.

04. Create Sponsored blog content

Do you know that there are thousands of companies who will pay you money just only for writing a post about them?

There are a lot of Companies or big brands that will pay you for either writing an article about their company, brand, service or products and posting on your blog site.

But sometimes sponsored content can come in the form of writing articles about topics that related to their company or brand or sometimes it can be a review of their product or services that post on your site.

If you write quality and efficiently sponsored content about them, you can be made more income. Also, those sponsored content should be matched to your niche.

If your blog has decent traffic, there are huge chances to those potential sponsors will reach out to you.

If not, you can directly reach to those sponsors.

However, make sure to clearly disclose when a post is sponsored.

05. Sell Digital Products such as eBooks and eCourse to Your Readers

You can create your own digital products such as eBooks by using your own knowledge, experiences or value-add products and sell it to your audience. That is one of another successes to make money blogging methods.

First try to think about products or methods that related to your niche and topic-based, then create an eBook from yourself and market that product to your readers.

Also launch your own eCourse is another popular method to make money blogging. Think about what you are expert at and create a course about it from A to Z and offer up a course to your readers.

That earnings are not commission-based it will be net income for you. It will be a unique income strength for what you spend your time.

Follow sites such as udemy to more study about this.

06. Offer Freelance Services

Having your own blog means you do not have to ask for others for a job. You can choose to offer freelance services on your blog using your knowledge and experiences and make a high amount from it.

As well as you write posts for your own blog, you can write freelance writing posts for others. That wouldn’t be difficult.

As well as freelance writing, you can do web design, plugin development, SEO development, Link building and many more works as a freelancer.

Only you need to use your skills, knowledge, and experiences.

According to your content and skills, you can charge a higher price for your freelance services.  Also, there is a broad range of opportunities for you to freelancing.

Some popular places for freelancing

  • Fiver
  • Freelancer
  • Flexjobs

06. Sell monthly Memberships

You can create a membership site to make income. With a membership site, your members pay a monthly fee for membership and gain access to something you create.

That kind of site can be Course site, paid newsletter sharing, Success methods to make money, a monthly coaching group or something else entirely.

Be creative with your membership offerings. Also, make sure to continually add new and interesting content to make sense for your members to renew and keep in touch with your site.

If you are starting a membership site, you can use the below tools to succeed in your site.

  • Wishlist Member
  • Podia
  • Memberpress

07. Create a Podcast

There are most people love to read posts but Most people haven’t time to read words on a screen. So you reach them in other media such as an audio podcast.

Once you turn your blog readers into podcast subscribers as well, you can start monetizing your podcast with ads and make income.

08.Native Advertising

Native advertising is another famous method to make money blogging.

Especially news and Jobs niches relate blog can make a good income with native advertising.

Few popular native advertising sites

  • Taboola
  • Outbrain
  • Mgid

09. Sell Physical Products

You can sell your own physical products those related to your niche from your blog.

You can make money by selling income or commission.

10. Teach online

If you are run a teaching or language teaching related, you can start a teaching online program for a fee.

It will gain extra income for you.

11. Earn money by Flipping Web sites

You can build a WordPress or another blog site and start getting decent traffic to it, then sell it for high prices and make money. Some people like to buy already established web sites that they can use for their business or blogging.

This requires knowing what type of web sites in demand? How to price and sell? For that, you can use a site such as Flippa

12. Create a Private Forum for Paid membership

You can create a private forum for the paid membership then users must pay to get access to.

Forums are a great tool today to deal with your audience by one-to-one. So you can get their response directly. Also, other members can interact and help each other out.

That can be a great way to make revenue.

13. Start your own consulting business

Consulting business is another way to make money online from your blog site. You can offer your services, consultant advice and strategy for some fee for your clients.

There is no startup cost. You can start this with your blog site. Only you need to create a page with a form in your blog. then users can request more information and you can consult for free.

You can create your own form easily with WordPress

14. Create an Online Market place such as eCommerce store and Shopify

With your blog site, you can run an Online Market place such as e-commerce stores such as WooCommerce and Shopify where users can buy but also sell their own products.

Normally WooCommerce assumes that you run a single vendor web site.

But using a plugin such as WC Vendors, you can turn WooCommerce into a multi-vendor platform. After that venders are able to register on your site and start selling.

Also, you can involve with dropshipping, with that you can create an eCommerce store on your blog site without handle inventory or ship items.

You can create the store, manage the website and customer service with Dropshipping.

But that service will take your orders and ship them to your customers. They are an invisible third party that your customers don’t even know about. With that, you can make a commission.

From WooCommerce and Shopify you can make money by charging a commission on each sale or you can allow vendors to buy your membership packages.

Also, read 15 Secrets to making money online.

Do Bloggers Make Money?

Yes, Bloggers are making money from their blog sites. But their earnings income is different from each other. It depends on your niche, traffic, SEO, and content. You can achieve unlimited income from your blog site. But everyone is not a success, it depends on your interest, and how much you dedicate for your blog.

How Much Money I Can Make From Blogging?

It really depends on your effort, your audience, ways of money make blogging, and traffic. It is not very quick, but do not give up. Many successful bloggers make six or seven-figure incomes from their blogs.

Which Make Money With Blogging Method Can Be The Right For You?

The simple answer is it is depending. It depends on your chosen niche, your passion and your efforts and blog topics. So focus on writing and offering quality content, useful, valuable and helpful things for your audience.

How long does it take to make money blogging?

You cannot become a millionaire overnight by making money blogging. It will take a few months or years to be a success and get high income. There are no easy and quick methods to make money from blogging. It depends on your efforts and niche market and blog.

Can you Really make money blogging?

Yes. You can really make money blogging. It depends on your self. If you love to blogging and your topics, if you can invest more time and effort on your blog, if you picked the right niche market, If you are improved your site SEO, Content quality and your blog get quality traffic you can really make money from blogging.

I hope the above methods for How to make money online with your niche market Blog site? will help you to succeed in your blogging and make money online journey. And if you know more about How to Make Money online with your niche market Blog site? or have any suggestions on please share with us in the comments section below. 

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I am interested in blogging. But I am not 100% sure about it.

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