Every part of the blog post is more important.

But the introduction sentence can be the most important sentence in your blog post.

Because Blog post introduction is the first opportunity to hook readers into the rest of the post.

So it is the red or green light to read the rest of the blog content or not.

As soon as people click on your post headlines from the search results, directly grab their attention for your blog post first sentence.

By reading this sentence, those visitors decide if they read the rest of the blog post or not?

Write Blog Post Introduction
How To Write A Great Blog Post Introduction That Hook Readers (16+ Actionable Tips)

For grabbing the attention for your post you only have 3-5 seconds.

You cannot skip the first sentence and start writing from 3rd or 4th sentences.

For that, you have to do a lot of works within a few time. Also, it required different and creative strategic thinking too.

What is a Blog Post introduction?

The introduction simply means the opening paragraph of a news story, essay or article/blog post.

In blogging, the introduction is basically, the first paragraph which appears right below the blog post title.

That is the first thing readers will read as soon as you enter your blog post. Depend on that introduction, people will decide if they read the rest of the article or not?

Why your blog post introduction sentence is more important?

Introduction sentence help hooks the attention of your visitors like bait hooks a hungry fish.

In a world today, people use the internet to search for answers to their questions.

So they only attention to reading blog content which helps them to find the right answers for their questions. Otherwise, they leave your post as soon as they enter your site.

In this busy world, people accustomed to making split-second decisions about all about the world such as people, places as well as articles and blog post content too.

Within these split-seconds they become a decision about it is good or bad. No more explore on the matter after that seconds.

In blogging, your introduction section is the most high-visibility piece of your blog post content.

While few of the readers will take time to read the entire blog post. But most of the others give specific attention to your introduction sentences.

If they feel your introduction is perfect, and it includes questions which they looking for and the rest of the content will help for solving their problems, they will scroll down your post to read the rest of the article.

Otherwise, they will exit from your site and move to your competitors’ posts.

Your introduction section is the tone for the rest of your blog content.

If it is boring, too long they will click away from your site, if your introduction sentences are exciting, compelling and feel helpful for solve problems, people will read your rest of the blog content for the endpoint.

By using introduction sentences, you can make a clear idea on your readers to understand them, and their questions well.

Also, you need to provide the right answers and materials for what are they looking for and boot their confidence in you and your content while also branding yourself.

This will help you even a strong and catchy headline isn’t enough to do this. Most of the bloggers have a strong and catchy headline. But they lost their readers because of weak introduction sentences.

Sometime your blog content may be clear and quality. But if your introduction is not familiar with readers they will leave your site.

If your introduction includes weak, bulky, pointless and flabby words, that intro won’t be impactful.

If the intro is not impactful, your readers won’t stick with your post. For be succeed, you need to replace those words with more powerful, exciting and emotive alternative words.

How to Write a winning blog post introduction?

Writing a great blog introduction is not that easy. First, you need to work up to it and learn the right steps along the way.

The below tips will helpful for you to write a great introduction that hooks your readers.

Tips for writing a killing blog post introduction.

Below tips will help you to write a great introduction paragraph that hooks your readers easily.

It is not difficult. But you need to practice than to be master in write winning introduction.

01. Minimize Modifiers

Words such as Very, really, literally, and fluff does not need to belong in your introductions as well as anywhere in your content. It can be minimizing the quality of your content.

The more words can cut these out, the more impactful and powerful post blog content will be.

Also, you can replace these words with verbs that are more powerful and compelling than using these words.

02. Ask a question from readers

By starting your introduction ask questions from your readers, it will make easy to grab the readers’ attention and get them engaged with your rest of the article without a lot of effort.

 Always ask the question that relevant to your post title and the actual questions that people are searching for.

Also, do not forget to add numbers, odds and improve the curiosity and interested to read the blog post.

03. Be fast and punchy

Not slower introductions, just begin with the fast one. Start your first sentence with words such as ‘ok’ or ‘so’.

It will boost readers’ attention to your content.

04. Use a shocking quote

You can use an attention-grabbing quote to start your introduction.

It will shock your reader and feel them yes, I need to read the rest of the content.

05. Explain what the article is about

The point of your introduction is to “introduce the content that will be present in the article”.

You need to give a short but wide idea about what is this article about?

Take only a few sentences to clearly explain what the article is going to cover without giving a lot of too many details.

It will give your readers what is the subject they are going to read?

06. Do multiple rounds of edits

It is better to at least two or three rounds of edits, at least six hours before you publish your post.

Take a few hours’ intervals between two editings. It will help to be fresh in your editing. This editing will help your introduction to be impactful and compelling.

As much as you doing edits, you see things that you missed the first time and identify different areas for more improvement in your introduction.

07. Talk directly to your readers

Do not write your introduction to one person. Write your content as that actually talks to your reader as if he or she was a real person standing directly in front of you.

That method will help to increase the readers’ engagement with your introduction.

Let feel them how much you care about helping them to find the right answers for questions that they are searching for.

08. Play on emotion

Use emotional touch with your readers from your introduction.

As much as your introduction becomes strong and emotional, it will encourage readers to keep reading.

09. Keep your opening sentences to one line

When writing the introduction for blog posts always keep your opening sentences to one line.

Because it is visually impactful, easy to grab attention and simple enough to root and hook its way into the reader’s brain.

If there is a huge block of text to read for readers they will be bored to read and leave your site.

Use short and 3-5 sentence paragraphs to keep the reader engaged and full them through the blog post.

As much as shorter your first few sentences are, the punchier it will be, and the more likely your readers to give attention and remember it.

10. Get weird

Don’t have to be weird, only you need to say something that unusual that still relevant and professional to your blog title.

As more as weird and unique, you can write your opening lines, there is a better chance for you to hook your readers’ attention and keeping them interested to read rest of the article.

11. Do not repeat yourself

Your introduction is still so close to the post title. So do not repeat your post title in the opening of the introduction paragraph.

Your reader already read the title so you do not need to repeat to at the opening.

On behalf of repeating, you can move on with a statement that reinforces or adds to it.

12. Write in the second person

In English grammar, the second person is the most personal type of voice to use in your blog writing.

Always try to use words such as “You”, “Yours”. 

That will help you to create your content in the reader’s mind and grab the attention of your reader for your blog post.

Always remember to write and develop your content as useful and relevant to your readers.

13. Explain the importance and benefits

Once you explain what is about your article, you need to explain Why people should care and what are the benefits of this article to people.

Everyone interested to know “what is in it for me?” So you need to give a proper answer for them what is in this post for them?

For that, you need to be master in the art of explaining,

what the reader able to gain from the post information you are sharing?

What are the benefits of readers’ lives?

How will it help to solve the problem they searching for?

If you can provide the quick and proper answer for the above points via simple sentence in the introduction, you able to keep your readers glued to your blog post till the last word.

14. Follow a structure

As mention above, great introductions are formulaic, you have to generate structure to write your introduction.

As a general rule,

  • You should dedicate two sentences to the topic of the article (This article is about A),
  • Two sentences to why it matters (This affects you because of B).
  • At least one sentence for addressing a pain point, outcome that your content will cover.

By adding the above three components to your introduction, you can build a flexible structure to write a great introduction paragraph.

15. Embrace the process of self-editing

Just imaging your favorite novels. Now think how many drafts of sentences that book do you think its author penned?

Definitely, he was keeping a lot of editing for his sentences to become just like your novel.

That is the reason why you read that novel today? So to become a great writer, self-editing is essential. It can be hundreds of times to publish the great introduction paragraph.

You just need to go back through your writing, again and again, and ensure your wiring is shiny and easy to grab attention.

Never expect the first version of your introduction part is also the last version of your blog post.

So to succeed in your blogging journey, you must be a mastermind of the process of self-editing, especially when it comes to the first introduction paragraphs.

16. Keep practice and learn

Which it is a good or bad article, a great introduction is formulaic that can be memorized and learned.

By keep practicing writing skills of your introduction and learning which tricks and tips help churn out the best introduction ones and be master in writing great introduction paragraphs.

Bonus tip.

17. Be Yourself

By being yourself and writing a great introduction paragraph, you can build an original and unique your own introduction sentence.

However, it is better to use the above tips as a frame for your introduction sentences.

You can use tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor to prevent errors in your writing.


There is no regular formula to write a great introduction for your blog post. But there are few things can make your introduction great.

If you become a master of writing an introduction paragraph, you will able to grab the attention of your reader till the endpoint of your blog post.

Also, it will help you to increase the reader engagement, views, sales, earn and reputation.

However, it is not easy to become a master of writing introduction. It requires a few time, learns and practices.

I hope the above 16+ actionable tips for How To Write A Great Blog Post Introduction That Hook Readers will help you to grab the attention and win the readers. It will help you to be a success in your blogging journeys. And if you know more about How To Write A Great Blog Post Introduction That Hook Readers or have any suggestions please share with us in the comments section below.

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