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If you are the looking for easy to-do online jobs and make money online? With Xoinworkers Now everyone can earn money by completing Online Micro Jobs.

Xoinworkers is the best place for You that connects Freelancers around the world with Customers and give huge opportunity to beginning your online money making journey.


*Received my 1st payment.

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Join with Xoinworkers and get 1$ sign up offer Today.


Xoinworkers review. What is Xoinworkers?

 Xoinworkers is an online crowd-sourcing web site.

It provides an online micro job for everyone to make money online. Xoinworkers is a site which Employers and workers together to meet their needs and help everyone to make money online with just only a few clicks, without investing anything.


How Xoinworkers Work?

Xoinworkers provides online jobs/Micro jobs for anybody looking to earn money. Not only that it is a place for employers to get small tasks done by easily hiring people from all across the world. It is an online market place for connects Freelancers and online earners with their Advertisers/Employees.

According to the Xoinworkers, Workers and freelancers can complete Micro jobs such as below,


1.  USA / UK/ AU /CA campaign

2.  International

3.  Limited Countries

4.  Hired Group

5.  Paid to Click


Is Xoinworkers Paying?

Yes, already I got my 1st payment.


Who can join and earn with Xoinworkers?

There are two parties. They are,

1. Employees – People who need other people to help them to support their online or offline tasks. They are advertising their Micro tasks in Xoinworkers

2. Workers/Freelauncers– People who join with Xoinworkers to complete Online Jobs and earn money.


Both Employers and workers can ask people to help them for,

  • Sign up to web sites 
  •  Like a Facebook page 
  • See YouTube videos and subscribe to YouTube channels 
  • Search and visit the web site
  • Follow on social media profiles 
  • Create new e-mail accounts 
  • FB comments and much more. 


For employees

According to Xoinworkers, employer can start any Campaign mode as below requirements.

1.     USA / UK/ AU /CA campaign

    If you need workers from USA/ UK/ AU/ CA/ or only from USA. You can select this campaign. Workers from these countries will be able to complete your job and submit proof.


2.   International

    If you need workers around the work 7 from anywhere. you can select this campaign,work done more faster with International workers.


3.   Selected / Limited Countries

    You can select your targeting countries (minimum 20) from a list of countries, workers from you selected countries will be allowed to do your work and submit proof. You can change the countries later also can increase workers


4.   Hired Group

    You can make a group of best workers by selecting best workers from My Campaign –> Add workers to my group.You can select best workers by Country, By best Success-rate or by Best workers in your campaign category.


5.    Paid to Click

    If you need visitors for your site or promoting any product?

    PTC campaign is the best choice to get visitors to your site or promote products. You will get the complete list of all visitors with IP address to verify. PTC Campaign doesn’t require to submit proof but only members who visit? will be paid



How to post a Job/Campaign in xionworkers?

1.      You select the type of campaign as required according to your task.

2.     You filled required information as details of work and required proof from workers 

3.     After completing the details and required proof, click create my campaign

4.    You deposit funds into your campaign account and complete the payment.

5.     Your campaign will be active and available to workers


For Workers/Freelauncers

1.      You will need to have an active account to log-in on site and find a job

2.     You can find a job by Category or country

3.     You will need to select your working skills from categories in menu

4.    Click on job and read the job details & required proof.

5.     Follow the Required proof details and submit the proof.

6.    PTC campaigns doesn’t require any Proof to submit. Paid instantly after clicked / visit the employer’s site


Be careful with maintain of your success rate.

You must have maintained your Success rate above 5% to complete any job, if you have marked Not Satisfied more than Satisfied Jobs. Success rate goes below 5% will not be able to submit task or Withdraw funds. You must be careful to select and complete a Job or offer orders to avoid marked not-satisfied.


Referral’s Guidelines

 Get paid by Refer friends 0.05 USD

According to the number of referrals you can get 3 level memberships (Basic, Silver, Golden)


Member who refer new members will receive a continue bonus as follows:

Referral Bonus: You Invite a friend; you will get USD 0.05 reward once your friend Signup & do one successful job.

Referral’s Earning Reward: When your friend’s account balance reach USD 0.50. You will get USD 0.01 as another reward.

Lifetime Referral’s Earning Rewards: Every time friend’s balance reach USD 0.50, you will get USD 0.01 bonus/reward every time.

Lifetime No Admin fees:  If you Invite min 10 friend(s), You can withdraw & deposit funds without Admin fees/ charges forever.


How much can you earn with Xoinworkers?

It depended on number of available micro jobs and number referrals and their active status.


Pros and Cons of Xoinworkers


·        Good and easy to navigate interface

·        They offer $1 bonus just for signup up

·        Not need to complete any tests/assessment to get the first job.

·        Lower withdrawal threshold

·        easy to register and earn money the same day

·        Jobs are simple and easy to complete

·        Success rates must be above 5%



·        Success rate might affect your earning

·        The platform is new and not reliable yet

·        Employers are Few

·        Some Employers reject or gives a bad review for workers and might not get paid.

·        Low flat micro jobs rate. (0.02$)

·        You have to do 1$ work submission to get 0.02$

·        High services fee from withdrawals

·        Only paypal and bank payment available with huge services fee with paypal.



Withdraw / cash out

 You can withdraw money as soon as reach minimum 1$.

Payment processors – Paypal, Payeer, Bank account

Withdraw fees 20% transaction charges will be charged


Xoinworkers Review with payment proofs 


 Received my 1st payment from xoinworkers 2020.


Xoinworkers - SCAM 2

Join with Xoinworkers and get 1$ sign up offer Today.


I Hope the above Xoinworkers Review with payment proofs – Complete Micro Jobs & Get Paid will help you to make money online. And if you have any problem, experiences or know more on Xoinworkers or its payments, please share with us in the comments section below. Thanks!


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Sources- Xoinworkers.com


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